Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lover's Lane

Here is yet another simple Chunky House.  The theme of this swap is Lover's Lane.  I set out to create a vintage look and I am happy with my result. 

This was made from cardboard from food packaging.  I layered scrapbook paper for the background.  The paper flowers I made at a make and take at a local scrapbook store.  I jazzed them up at home with gears and metal brads.  The vintage image is from 1934, the lovers are blushing with adore.  I framed out the image with really cool acetate die cuts from Tattered Angels.  The brass heart was part of a barette that I scored at a local thrift shop.  A bit of ephemera, a small key and wax drippings add a few more details to my chunky little house.  At the last minute I framed out the roof with scraps of scrapbook paper, the music pattern was on the back of the paper I used as my base layer. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first minibook

I was so inspired by Tim Holtz's latest blog post, that I made one of these little books straight away.  I love that there are little pockets to add an interactive feature to the book.  I have stuffed a few little surprises in for the recipient. 

The first pocket has a chipboard magnet inside.  I collaged it with vintage postage from around the world.  The ribbon is added simply to have a mechanism to pull out the surprise.  Many of the embellisments in the book are actually stickers.  I don't usually use them, but they were quick and I put this book together really, really quick.  It was nice to see a project through in such a short time period. 

The bingo game piece was a score from my Dad.  I recived two boxes filled with game markers as well as the pieces for the caller.  They have come in handy for various projects.  As an antique dealer, he comes across a lot of great stuff for altered art.

I have also tucked some tickets, cigar bands, and other ephemera inside the other pockets.  Hopefully they will inspire the recipient to create some art of thier own!

This is yet another project with tissue tape involved.  I cannot seem to get enough of this stuff.  I have to say that I love it, but I still struggle with some loose ends.  Again, I simply reinforce any stray edges with whatever glue is on hand at the moment. 

I really enjoyed this quick little project, check out Tim Holtz's blog for very easy instructions on how to make one just like it. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Recycled Mail

While reading a book about creating your own stationery, my muse struck and I created this little booklet in moments.  I had saved this envelope as it was covered with very unique vintage US stamps.

I cut the portion of the envie with the stamps on it.  Since it was not quite as long as I needed, I rescued another piece of the envelope to make the back.  The paper inside is a heavy cardstock that has an aged feel.  I cut the strips twice as long as I needed and then punched two holes along the seam I created by folding the strips in half.  I used a heavy twine to lace through the holes.  Simple little notebook with a touch of vintage postal charm.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Shrine II

Well I just could not bear to let go of my first one, so here is the replacement for my partner.  I started with the same strategy of burning the paint off of the Altoid Tin.  I recently picked up a smaller stack of paper that I would not usually graviate towards, it was filled with pinks, hearts, flowers and the like.  I embraced these shabby shades and lined the inside and cover of my tin with pieces from this stack.  The edges are covered in Tim's tissue tape and Ranger's stickels.  I also used some K Company embellishments left over from my bunny and chick chunky book pages.    

The inside also boasts tissue tape along the edges.  I can't get enough of this stuff.  That said, I do have issues with it not sticking as well as I would like sometimes, but I cure that with a dab of matte medium.  The letters and chipboard backing were scored from one of my local scrapbook haunts, Dillons in Portage, MI.  They are a lovely bunch over there and they have invited me to teach!  I am nervous, but excited at a new opportunity.


I also used a felt heart from Martha Stewart and part of a barrette that I picked up from Goodwill and tore apart.  I find neat metal bits there sometimes, in fact, that is where the bobbin came from too. A few little buttons in the corner and a die cut key from who knows where finish off round two of this project for me.  

I hope the recipient enjoys.  It is quite a departure from my usual brown and earth tones, but it is good to step our of my usual pallet. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bunnies and Chicks everywhere!

I recently finished creating pages for my second chunky book swap.  The theme for this one is Vintage bunnies and chicks.  I am looking forward to seeing how our book turns out once assembled.  Here is a shot of all my pages.

For some reason, I just love interactive features.  So in order to appease this interest of mine, I decided to use library pockets and tuck a little tag inside.  I do love how they peek out a bit.  Hopefully they will also add interest to the finished book.  On the back of the tag I affixed my swap card too, which has all of my contact information.

The background paper for this page is from Graphic 45's Once Upon a Springtime collection.  This paper was really my starting point and inspiration for my page.  The bunny/chick images are from Tim Holtz's Seasonal paper stash.  I liked that using these gives each page it's own little image for the pocket as well as the tag. 

I also used some die cut embellishments to add some different shapes and break up all the linear lines.  I am not usually one to use this type of store bought "ephemera" but I think it works well on this project.  I did distress all along the way. Coloring edges with inks, distressing edges and adding wear and tear are all ways to add a weathered feel to projects. 

Another great technique I tried, was to seal my pages with Tim Holtz's tissue tape.  This was another way to add texture and keep my pages together.  So interesting that just this very morning Tim posted on his blog a mini book that uses this same idea on the edges of the pages!  I guess great minds think alike.  I am in love with tissue tape!!!

The back of my page is very simple, very unusual for me!  I typically add layer upon layer of stuff in my work, as you have probably noticed.  I know I need to learn to edit a bit, so perhaps this is my first step.  However, of course, my creative voice is telling me that this side still needs something else...

I had planned on doing a packing tape image transfer with these little bunnies on the back.  Perhaps I did not do it right, because the first one I peeled, yielded no image.  I embraced the issue and just left the packing tape on my images and fussy cut them out.  I think that this technique still adds a bit to the page.

Come back later to see the finished project!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Inspiration II

Here is another little item I created inspired by winter.  This was done for a swap on and it has already been sent off to a partner far, far away.  I really enjoy that this site pushes me to try new things artistically.  I have grown as an artist by leaps and bounds since joining less than a year ago.

The swap was for a "Chunky Row House" with a Winter Wonderland theme.  I used a piece of cardboard from a cereal box as my base.  I good solid layer of gesso started the base of my paint job.  I used a blue acrylic which was followed by a crackle coat.  I used ink to bring out the crackle once the layers of paint were dry.

The eaves were made with sandpaper.  I liked that it added texture to my project.  Diamond Dust also was a great element to add on this piece.  The window is actually a part of a torn apart old belt buckle.  I was looking and looking for something and I think this was a good choice.  The tree was actually a charm that I nipped the loop off of. I added the little crochet trim, German scrap birds and a little banner to finish everything off. 

I have to admit, I was pretty pleased with the outcome of my very first chunky row house.  My partner was happy with my work.   I treasure the feedback just as much as much as the art and the process.

Winter Inspiration

It is cold here in Michigan right now, bitter bone chilling cold.  While it is difficult to embrace the frigid weather, it is something I can happily take inspiration from. 

For this project, I have some mixed media snowmen I made with my Altered Art group.  This idea was originaly featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors a fantastic mixed media magazine.  These were made with vintage bottles stuffed with beads, broken jewelry and sea glass.  I think that tinsel would be a great option too.  I have seen some with small brush tress placed inside, let your imagination and junk drawer guide you!

The heads of the snow people were made with paperclay, a fun affordable air dry clay that I really enjoyed and found very easy to use.  The heads are topped off with glitter, embellishments and various found objects.  I loved using watch gears, pastry tips, thimbles, keys and what nots.  Pieces of marabou trim, yarn, tinsel and felt provide scarves for the snow people and add layers of texture to the overall project.  Fun!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Shrine

I created this little shrine for a swap and I think I love it too much to send it along!  I am certain I can create something else just as lovely for my partner and I am lucky that I have plenty of time and supplies.

I started this project by putting an old Altoid tin in my fireplace while enjoying a fire.  I really like the effect this had on the tin.  Old sheet music and scrapbook paper are the base for this mixed media collage.  The heart was purchased at a local craft store and the wings were actually scored in the bead area of that same store.  I simply cut the loop right off the wing.  I do this often in my altered projects as I have a lovely unique little bead shop in town too.  I used a small grungeboard crown and a few gears from a great clock that I tore apart.  Bits of filmstrip, tissue tape, stickels and Perfect Pearls were also used to embellish.

I had every intention of decorating the outside more.  Now that I plan on keeping it and displaying in a little nook, I am going to leave it just as it is!