Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making some Bead Soup

I have had so much fun the last two times, I decided to play once again in the Bead Soup Blog Party, hosted by Lori Anderson. 

This time around my partner is Tanya Wiles.  Her blog can be found here.  I am excited to see what she sends as her personal style is still a mystery to me.  I hope she can find use in this little batch of beady soup!  Here is a teaser that I will reveal once she gets her parcel.

The whole idea is to send some bead soup (a focal, a clasp and some complimentary beads) to your partner, make something from what they send you and then show it off on a blog hop.  It is such an inspiring exercise.  You never know what you will get and it really helps you work outside of your traditional supplies.   Here is what I conjured up the first time around.  To read more about it the post is here.

The second round was really tough, but I was up for the challenge.  I really learned a lot from my second round.  To read about my doughnut saga read here.

I hope you will all tune in to see what this year will bring for both me and my partner.  This round there are three reveals and mine will be on August 11th.  



Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Soul Restoration: Part 3

The final project I am going to show off from the Soul Restoration II class, is my vision board.  You can read more about this experience in my previous two posts as well.  For this canvas project I tried to use what was on hand and I had some wonderful happy accidents.  That is a beautiful happening in art as far as I am concerned.  

The canvas I chose was not treated with any primer and it was really kind of loosely attached it's frame.  It also has a looser weave than most art canvases I have worked on.  This lends to another element of texture.  I picked it up at one of my discount haunts on the super cheap, I do love an arty bargain.  Instead of working with acrylics, as Melody often does, I used distress stains to color my background.

When I started to glue down my words, cut from magazines, the wet glue reactivated the water based stain and the bits of paper also took on some of the color.  Unintentional art magic, how fun!

Lots of Perfect Pearls mist also adds a lot of glimmer to my little vision board.

I now have this propped up on my vanity so that I am reminded of my vision in several areas of my life.

I hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of the results of my class.  I would highly recommend anything the Brave Girls Club as to offer!  They provide enlightening classes, words of inspiration, as well as lovely trinkets and treasures in their gift shoppe.  These gals know how to take care of their customers and their students.   I dream of one day heading out to the ranch and  enjoying Brave Girls Camp in real life.  Until then, I will happily get my fix online.  This class was so worth it and I am much better for it.  

I just started Body Restoration, which is now open.  I look forward to seeing the healing opportunities in this class as well, because goodness knows they really make a difference.  And yes, I could use some body healing and restoration.    

Thanks to Melody and Kathy and the whole Brave Girls team who makes things happen out there.  Your impact goes much further than you will ever really know.  I look forward to one day seeing the magic in person!



Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Soul Restoration: part 2

Another pivotal project for me from the Soul Restoration II class was the "Decision Maker."  This is a tool I can see myself using a lot to really change my life and my decisions, minute by minute.  If I can remember to consult it!  Actually the process helped me to realize a ton of things, and I pretty much can recite the questions in my mind.

I did something new when making my tool, I tried sewing.  I had made it up in my head long ago that sewing was too hard and not for me.  My local art pals literally applauded me when I "came out" about my new media, as they knew how serious I was about not venturing into this line of creating.  How fun to break free of a story I made up that no longer suited me and try something new.

I used a bunch of charms that were from a Springtime in Paris themed swap I did a while ago in my Art Charms Group as embellishments.  I did not use all of them, just a few that I created a special meaning for and that matched the palate I had chosen.

Each card is two pieces of scrapbook paper sewn together with two index cards sandwiched inside to make them more sturdy.  I stained the edges to make them look finished as well.

Lots of glitter was added to each card too with stickels.  I think this added a nice texture and shimmer to these cards.  An eyelet was placed in the corner of each piece and then I used a book binding ring to hold the cards and the charms together.

I did have some troubles with tension when sewing my first time out, but I love the rustic look of it all.  I easily embraced my imperfections on my new art elements and pressed on!

We also altered a box to hold our "Decision Maker" and our "Play lists."  My box was purchased at a thrift store for a buck and I just altered it up with gesso, tissue paper and Inka Gold.  A latch and a knob was also added both by 7 gypsies.

I had fun making my "play list" dividers and cards by using the same sewing approach.  The nice thing about combining paper like this, no wrinkling from glue and zero dry time.

Pretty good stuff all from one class!  And yep, there is still one more project to show off.  Stay tuned!



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Soul Restoration: part 1

I recently took the most wonderful course online with Melody Ross through her Brave Girls Club.  While there is a ton of cool art instruction to be had, it was the inner work that really resonated with me.  This course is truly changing my life.

We completed a ton of projects throughout the six week course.  Probably the biggest was the "Life Book," as the class focuses on creating the life you really want to live minute by minute.  This post will showcase a few spreads from my journal.  Stay tuned for another post later this week see my vision board, play list and box and a decision maker too!

I have to say, I am credentialed as a Master's Level therapist, and the exercises contained in this curriculum help students really evaluate thoughts, help to be more conscious, clearly set and measure goals and assist with potential pitfalls.  All things I would do in a therapeutic counseling setting.  I would recommend this course for anyone who enjoys art and self improvement.

I used lots and lots of spray inks through out this book.  One of my local art stores is going out of business so I took advantage and stocked up on lots of fun colors for my book.  I have to say that Melody Ross has totally broadened my color palate!

Another item I really enjoyed using in my book was rub ons.  These are so great as they do not need to dry!

Here you can see a really nice example of the spray inks with stencils.  I don't waste a bit of ink, once I use the stencil, I flip it over and use the sprayed side to print on the page.  

I made a pocket for each title page to tuck in notes and journaling from the class.  

There is still room for more embellishment and decoration on lots of these pages.  I anticipate that this is going to be a book I will be working in for a very long time.  

The exercise above is really helping me.  I am really not a big fan of what it looks like, but the content is awesome!  We made a map of our pitfalls and what we need to remember to avoid playing out old patterns again. 

This last image is from my belief/mission statement.  Another really good therapeutic exercise of the many we embarked on in class. 

I just started Body Restoration and I can tell it is going to be just as powerful. 



Monday, June 11, 2012

And the winner is....

Number 7, Terri Lightfoot!

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Thank you all so much for taking part in our Blog Hop.

Remember there is still time to sign up for the Altered Coaster Swap which is all about Birds in Hats.  Lots of stuff for the swap is on sale too!


Altered Dress Form

A few weeks ago I posted here about a creative challenge I was about to embark on and this post showcases the results.  I was offered an opportunity to alter a dress form, with the chance of it traveling for the next year at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo shows throughout the United States, if selected. 

7/14/12:  I am so pleased to report that my Industrial 
Glamour Girl was chosen!!!!!

The project is entitled Runway Re-View, and the challenge was to use repurposed items and not spend more than twenty dollars on materials.  Since the challenge this week on Simon Says Stamp and Show this week is "Anything Goes," I am going to enter this there as well.

I would gather that the value of the stuff I used on this was right around ten dollars.  The dress is made from embossed aluminum tape from the hardware store I had on hand.  I grunged it up with black gesso by painting it and wiping off the excess. 

To add a bit more bling, I added a belt made of an old chain and a broach.  I am always on the hunt for old jewelry on the cheap at flea markets and estate sales.  I recently went to my first auction and that was even better as far as affordable altered art supplies, but I digress...  To take the sheen off of the chain I used a bit of black Guilders Paste.  I am in love with this product, I want it in every color.   It is hard to see, but I also spritzed the dress with Perfect Pearls mists.  These work really well on metal. 

The bottom was embellished with a few bits I found on a half off sale in the wedding section of a big box store. I really loved the little sprays of wire and gems.  A few light bulbs were also added to go with the industrial feel and add a whimsical element. I detailed the trim of the dress in a black sequin trim I had on hand, although I have no recollection of ever getting it. 

I hope my little industrial gal is chosen to travel.  Perhaps some of my readers will actually get to see her in person, that would be cool.  No matter what, it was a fun experience to participate in and it really challenged me artistically.   



Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meet the Alpha Stamps Design Team Blog Hop!

I have to say that being a part of the Design Team for Alpha Stamps has been amazing thus far and I am loving every minute of it.  To introduce the new team a blog hop has been arranged with lots of avian inspiration and some prizes too. Be sure to check out the links below for more chances to win lots of amazing art.  Simply leave a comment here by June 10 on this post and you will be entered to win one of these small bird houses.  The winner will be announced on June 11 right here, so be sure to check back, leave your email or become a follower so that you stay informed!

Our recent kit was bird themed, and I found it to be quite fun.  We made altered coasters which you can see here and we also embellished these cute little bird houses.  There is a swap for "Birds in Hats" altered coasters that anyone is welcome to join, simply click the badge on the right to get more information and see what is on sale. There is also a huge "Birds in Hats" kit being given away on the Alpha Stamps blog, so be sure to stop by and comment for your chance to win there too. 

I decked all of my little houses out in gold Dresden Borders.  These are so nice to have on hand and make for a very easy elegant project.  When in doubt, a little Dresden Border will do the trick!

I love the watch hand beak on this dapper guy.

This owl is carrying a note that was once a charm.  I simply used pliers to break off the jump ring and I had a wonderful embellishment.  I actually had to add this element, as I was covering up a hand from a girl pictured next to this owl in the imagery I chose. You also may have noticed all the cool Gothic Windows that were used.  These are so fun.  They were treated with a crackle paint and then altered further with a product called Inka Gold.   

I hope I have managed to inspire!  Have fun visiting the rest of the Design Team and don't forget to comment here for a chance to win a little bit of my birdy art.

Now on to the rest of the hop, there is much art to be had!



P.S.  Comments now closed as the hop is over!  Feel free to flit around to other posts and leave some love if you are so inclined. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birds in Hats!

The theme for my last design team kit from Alpha Stamps was really quite fun, it was all about "Birds in Hats."  There is a swap and a sale that is worth checking out, I will be joining in on the fun of this one for sure.  For the swap, participants will create and exchange three 4x4 coasters that will all be decked out with feathers and finery from Alpha Stamps.   If you decide to join, you may just get one of these little dandies. 

I think this one is my favorite.  I am not sure if it is the dapper hat, or the odd combination of grunge meets nature, but I really like it.  The wings and gears are cut from waste material that I picked up at an industrial outlet.  

One of the elements I like on this one is Tim Holtz's new word bands, I have been wanting these forever and finally caved and got some.  I cut the hat out of ephemera and used a bit of stain to give it color.

On this coaster, I made a nest by gluing down bunches of brown fibers.  

Here is another quirky steampunk one.  The cap on this guy was cut out of a really old Sears and Roebuck catalog.  

I am looking forward to see my return on this swap.  I think it will make for a very fun exchange.  All are welcome so fly on by and check it out.