Saturday, April 27, 2013

Imagination is Boundless: Graphic 45

I have super exciting news to share:  I imagined, I dreamed and I achieved:  I am now a member of Graphic 45's 2013 Design Team!  The shock is just starting to wear off, two days post announcement.  I am so excited to take part in this elite team.  I am sure that I will learn a lot and create a lot as a result of this appointment.  

I thought this little box I made for Alpha Stamps was a nice little piece to show off in celebration.  The sentiment surely fits.  There is also one of my last coveted metal staple butterflies from G45 in there. :)

Thank you all for your well wishes and incredible support through this whole process.  Let the next phase of my artistic journey begin!



Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tiny Steampunk House

Why is it that artists are so drawn to house shapes and imagery in art?  Just like birds, this type of imagery and subject matter seems to often ripple throughout the creative world.  I cannot help but join in from time to time.

As usual, lots of metal bits have been added to the project.  Sometimes I just experiment and odd things I would not usually put together end up on a piece creating a cohesive focal, as in this case.  To see all kinds fun goodies I used check out this link for Alpha Stamps.  

The roof of the house is actually UTEE that I stamped into when it was still warm.  A rubbing of copper gilders paste brings out the texture from this technique.  I love how this element turned out.

Another trick I tried for the first time, coloring glitter.  I wanted to use a coarse grain and I did not have the proper color.  I used alcohol ink to dye it, and it worked really well.  

I really like how this tiny house turned out.  Working on a small scale can be rewarding as it can yield results quicker and I am such a hasty artist sometimes.  



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Graphic 45 Audition, Take II: Junque Book

I have already learned so much from the audition experience for Graphic 45's 2013 Design Team and I am so blessed to be able to participate.  For part two we have been asked to make a video. I chose to highlight three different projects that represent me as a designer.  At this point, I think that I have done what I can to put my best efforts out there into the universe and not matter the outcome, I have benefited from this journey so very much. 

In order to show my ability to produce, I decided to make a new piece. I wanted to put my energy into the project that showcased their product, but also captured my intention and hopefulness about taking my art to the next level.   

I chose all kinds of fun bits of junk to the binding.  Each of these has special meaning to me personally.  I talk about their significance in my video audition. 

I forgot to mention in my tour my brilliant use of gilders paste.  I used it to literally gild the edges of my pages and I just love the effect. 

This book turned out way thicker than I imagined!  There are 36 pages of Graphic 45 goodness.

And here is the video tour below.  I talk a lot more about my book and you get to see inside.  Please consider subscribing, who knows, I just may be posting tutorials for one of the very best paper companies soon!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful supportive energy.  It makes my heart swell to know that I have many people rooting for me!



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Steampunk Junk Box

I have been really excited to show this piece off on my blog.  I was lucky enough to be able to make two of these for Alpha Stamps.  As soon as I got them, I knew I had to fill one up with my junk. To see lots of good stuff used from Alpha Stamps, you can go here.

The edges of the piece were rubbed with gilders paste to give it a nice sheen.  I used tissue tape to cover the tricky inside edges.  I also was able to cover some crooked cutting with the tissue tape too!

Inside each little cubby are lots of fun little bits of junk some real, and some reproduction.  You can hardly tell the difference in my opinion.

The clock faces are by Prima, and I adore them.  I floated them on top of the assemblage since they were too large to tuck inside.  This strategy also allowed me to be able to add the light bulbs.  At first, I thought they were going to be off scale and I did not think I could use them.  

Here you can see some of my tiny details.  I strive to add things on each surface of the cubbies, so when viewed from any angle, there is interest.  I also altered the light bulbs by adding paper behind them and scratching the words off of some of them.

I was able to clean out a few bowls of treasures I had lying around as I fished for little bits to add.  You would probably be surprised at how small, yet heavy this really is.  Each of the squares are only a cubic inch.

This is probably one of my favorites in my collection of creations so far.  I hope you saw a tidbit that inspired you along the way!



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Graphic 45 Finals!

My dear readers,

I am shocked and humbled once again by the acknowledgement of my art by my favorite paper company Graphic 45.  It was announced today that I made the finals for their 2013 Design Team!  Me, a self made mixed media gal who is really relatively new to doing this type of work, how crazy cool!  As a current designer at Alpha Stamps I have found this process to be a gift to my creative muse as I am continually challenged and inspired.  I would be blessed to represent Graphic 45 and I honestly feel honored to have made it this far. 

I wanted to post a few images that I submitted in my application as so many of you are stopping by to visit.  Thanks for your time, it is appreciated more than you will ever know!!! 

I have also added links if below you would like to see more of these projects.

Thanks again for all of your support and well wishes.  To those of you who are new you are welcome to subscribe as you see fit, I would love to have you.