Saturday, April 18, 2015

Prima Design Team Call

When I heard the news that Prima Marketing Inc. was hosting an open design team call I decided to give it a try!  I am obsessed with their newest line called Relics and Artifacts and I know my work would be well suited to this line (and many others) due to my love for assemblage.  Additionally my addiction to their metal embellishments, trinkets and flowers will be quite obvious in this post! So, without further ado, here is my application post to design for a wonderful company that I would be absolutely blessed to represent.  P.S. this post is long, please stay tuned!

Altered Metal Box


Altered Metal Frame - Pedestal
Prima Flowers
Screw Heads
Faucet Wheels
Engraver Buttons
Satin Strip with Rhinestone Center
Faucet Wheels
Resin Icon: Feather
Printery Paper 6x6
Microbeads Silver
Mica Flakes Frosted

This project was inspired by the metal frame as well as a bird's nest I found that had fallen to the ground.  I decided I liked the contrast of the delicate nest and nature theme alongside lots of industrial touches and a metal base.

You may notice that I "hacked" the small gray flowers a bit.  They used to have a pearl center, but I replaced them with lots of metal trinkets that fit better with my theme.

Inside I was sure to embellish in layers to ensure lots of texture and dimension.  The background of the box was treated with silver leaf.  I intended for the reflective quality of the technique to keep the inside as bright as possible.

Perhaps my favorite technique in this project was how I created my little bird.  I started out with Printery paper I treated with Ice Resin.  

Just after adding resin to both sides of the paper, I sprinkled in some art ingredients from Finnabair: micro beads and frosted mica flakes.  After the paper had cured, I used my steel rule die to cut out the bird shape and then I added the gear for an eye, which made for a really cool embellishment!

Printery Shadowbox

Printery 6x6 paper
Art Ingredients Glass Glitter: Pitch Black
Ship Parts
Plate and Label
Typewriter Words
Handles and Turns
Faucet Wheels
Steampunk Air
Screw Heads
Zipper Pulls
Typo Bulbs 1
Engraver Buttons

For this portion of the application I wanted to showcase my love for assemblage, texture and found objects.  I have paired a fair number of Prima metal trinkets and junkyard findings along with a few special treasures to make a fun nostalgic collection.

To achieve texture in this piece I chose to blend my edges and corners with a treatment of black glitter.  I love how this adds some sparkle, but still looks grungy and industrial.

I found myself drawn to using symmetry more than once as I pieced this together.  I framed out the outside corners of the box as well as the large inset. 

One trick that I often use to alter things is to layer them.  By adding the tiny gear inside of the hexagon and framing it out with the watch fobs, it created a whole different embellishment.  You can also see my layering technique below with the faucet wheels. 

The special touch of a few trinkets that are vintage also give this piece a bit more of a story.  A vintage clip, a skeleton key, found safety pins from button cards, anything like this can give a piece personal meaning.  I also love these old jacks and how the color has been worn off of them through play!

Winged Heart Plaque

Cartographer Paper
Archival Cast Relics and Artifacts Rising Spirit III

In this project I really wanted my love for mixed media to shine through.  The focal of this project is from the new Archival Cast Relics and Artifacts line and I am just absolutely in love with these art elements.

The plaster pieces are easy to alter and they accept so many different mediums.  I have layered on so many things and they still look fantastic!

Peeking out from behind the heart is a snippet of Cartographer paper.  The map symbolism for me represents growth, new journeys  and a global point of view.  All things I hope to get with a potential new design team appointment! I love incorporating personal meaning and symbolism into my work, I think it makes it just a little bit extra special.

Last up is just a quick snapshot of a project that really shows off the new microbeads as well as some sweet gray flowers.  While this project is not totally Prima, I absolutely love the texture that those tiny beads gave this project and I wanted to show off this creative application of yet another amazing Prima product.

Thank you so much for tuning in for this extra long post!  



Friday, April 17, 2015

Mixed Media Butterfly Box

I had so much fun really altering this box from Graphic 45.  

P.S. sorry about the moody morning light, I was under a deadline and had to work with what I had! 

I even made a tutorial on Snapguide so you can see how I achieved this lovely metal texture on plain old kraftboard!  

The addition of all the microbeads at the end really adds to the texture I created on this project. I admit it was a little scary to slather my project in glue at the end, but it was worth it.

I am running low on those amazing butterflies from Graphic 45.  This is a great way to pay homage to a retired supply!

Here is a photo of the back of the project so you can get an idea of what my base looked like.  I even managed to stamp a little in this project, which rarely happens because I am a sloppy stamper.  I used the purposefully messy "technique."

While there is not a ton of paper in this project, I do love the snips of Artisan Style that I used in this project.  What a lovely paper line!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you found a little bit of inspiration to take into your next crafting session.



Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Soul Restoration Canvas

I was so excited when Canvas Corp asked me to do a special project in partnership with Faber-Castell

As you can see I was certainly inspired!  For more information and images of this project please check out this post!