Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Artisan Style Blocks

This project for Graphic 45 was inspired by the new Artisan Style paper line and a score of some blank blocks at an outlet store.  The blocks actually came with paper and embellishments for a Christmas themed project, but I had other plans for them.  

I kept the project pretty simple for once and I was really working to not over embellish or add too much stuff.  For those of you who regularly follow me, you will know that this is indeed a challenge. 

To keep things looking aged, distressed and somewhat cohesive, I used inks, stain and my Dremel tool to bring the project together.

Another element that I wanted to highlight in this project was the new door knockers from Graphic 45.  I just adore these embellishments and the fantastic detail they have.  I aged mine a little with the use of patina colored gilders paste.  To make this detail appear more substantial I also backed it with a filigree and framed it out with a sticker.  

Another tactic I used in this project that is rare is rounding the corners of my paper.  This small detail really added to the project, and I got to use a gadget I have had and rarely use.

The use of the Artisan Style ephemera also helped this project along.  I love that there is no cutting required and you get great imagery to use in your projects.

There are so many ways you can stack these fun blocks to see different views and details.  Yes, I have been playing with my blocks!

I hope you enjoyed today's post for Graphic 45.  There will not be too many of these left as my time with them is up at the end of the month!  It has been an amazing experience and I am excited for the new team that has been set up to inspire. 



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hand Picked Flower Assemblage

This piece has been in the works for so long!  I found these elements several summers ago and I compiled them as a result of a lesson on flowers from an online class through Brave Girls Club. However, as things sometimes happen, I never really put the piece together.

I had taken a photo of the assemblage on the trunk I use as a backdrop.  The pieces were lying around neglected in a dish for a very long time.  I finally had the inspiration to use them when I found the background at a local big box store.  I used stains, gilders paste, gesso and paint to create a fun distressed background. 

The play on words with the title "hand picked" I thought was super cute.  I used a dymo label maker to make my saying and mounted it on a scrap of Masonite and a Tim Holtz frame.

The middle of the flower is a cool old rotary phone dial that I picked up at a garage sale in the Upper Peninsula.  I am happy to finally put this treasure to good use. 

This was a great departure from my usual use of paper, a true assemblage for sure!  Thanks so much as always for stopping by, I wish you much inspiration!



Saturday, April 25, 2015

American Vintage Assemblage

I was inspired to create this project as soon as I saw the new American Vintage paper line come out from 7 Gypsies.  I slowly began to gather found objects as well as my coveted 7 Gypsies metal elements that I knew would complement the theme in order to create this fun vintage letterblock tray.

It takes some patience to make a project with this many elements, the key is to be patient and do it in stages.  Sometimes walking away from the project to let glue dry will allow you to come back and see the whole things with fresh eyes. I find this tactic really helps me to fill in every inch of my art, which contributes to my own personal style.  After coming back to my work a niche will be calling out for extra junk and the search will then start for another element to add.

When I make these assemblage style trays, I try to attach things at many different layers of depth.  In this project I used some scrap cardboard to prop up some of my ephemera and make it stand out.

Another little secret I will share is to mist your project with a sheer Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist at the end to cover up any glue that may have escaped. This trick will not totally cover the glue, but it will distract from it at least a little bit.

I mixed in lots of great elements from the 7 Gypsies line along with my own found elements and treasures to pull this piece off.  I love how the old and the new blend seamlessly together. It is fun to root through your junk drawers and your craft stash to come up with fun personal things to add to your tray. Another great idea would be to plan to make one of these before a road trip and then purposefully seek out your own pressed pennies, ticket stubs and ephemera to capture a memory in a whole new way!

You may have noticed that the base of my tray has been altered a little bit as well.  I used a scrap of paper towel to buff on a layer of patina colored gilders paste to add a weathered look to the wood.

I hope that this post has inspired to go through your trinkets and create a letterblock tray that captures a special trip or memory!

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