Thursday, September 3, 2015

Steampunk Heart Hanging

The inspiration continues after learning so much from Finnabair!  I have also used a lot of her product in this project as well since I am on such a kick.  It was great getting back to a classic steampunk look, my absolute favorite!

The focal of the piece is actually a Masonite kit from Retro Cafe Art that I have been hording for some time.  I added Finnabair's silver micro beads and lots of layers of resin to achieve really great dimensional wings.  For the mica heart I made a great discovery.  I was able to dye my mica with alcohol inks prior to using them to customize the color.  This opens up so many possibilities with the mica I have on hand!

The heart also has lots of Finabair's mechanicals which were also coated with resin.  I love to layer the metal pieces to achieve different looks.

The base of this hanging is a burlap panel.  I love how this provides for a natural texture to begin with.  I also used lots of die cuts, Masonite shapes, metal bits, found objects and wooden embellishments in the collage.  All of it was brought together with the use of gesso, a dusting of metallic finishes and some mica flakes.

I made this piece specifically to keep my big designing dreams alive.  I have not been active with a team for a while and it is part of my creative life that I truly miss!



Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mechanical Row Houses

These fun little houses have lived in my mind for some time now, so I was pleased to finally take the time to make them.  I used small wooden house shaped blanks along with a ton of products from Prima and Finnabair to create these sweet mixed media treasures.

To start things out I primed my houses with black gesso.  I then added my roof lines with 3D Gloss gel and Black Sand Texture Paste, both such dreamy products.  The versatility of the gel is amazing, I was able to use it both with her glitter and mica flakes.

I love the texture of the roof tops.  The sand paste is especially fun for this application.  And yes, it took a really long time to dry!

I went a little nuts with the silver micro beads again too.

There are two more of these fun houses in process, but I just could not wait to show them off to you all!



Friday, August 28, 2015

Brave Girl Canvas

I have been a long time fan of Melody Ross and her various online classes.  I love her style and the meaningful messages she sends through her art.  I set out a few weeks back to create a canvas that embraced a little bit of her style and some of her teachings and this is what I created. 
I loved using a different color palate than I usually do.  This took me outside of my typical artistic output right away, but it was perfect for the project. I used lots of embellishments I had on hand, and I created my own with the use of letters, tissue paper and scraps. 
There are many layers in the background that made for lots of texture.  I used stencils along with gel medium and gesso to create lots of interest.  To bring some of my layers back out and outline my collage elements, I used pencil and even permanent marker to color the raised parts and make marks around certain shapes. 
Here is a close up of one corners of the piece so you can see all the wonderful layers. It is not perfect!  There are some things that I would have considered mistakes or issues in the past.  I have learned to embrace these imperfections as that is what makes it my own.
I hope you liked what I shared today!  It is so nice to be back in the land of inspiration again!