Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Steampunk Spells Envelope Book

What can I say, I just adore the new Steampunk Spells paper from Graphic 45.  I am also excited to show off my crazy wire binding that I just made up as I went.  It may be messy, but I can say it is certainly innovative!

I am not going to show off too much here.  In an attempt to engage readers in another format I have also included a video tour at the end of this post.

Inside the embellishing was done through the use of brads.  I capitalized on the fact that they were envelope pages, so I could hide the backs of the brads inside.   A lot of the embellishments were left loose, as I really like the element of movement in my work.

Did you also take note of my cool new watermark from Graphic 45?!?  I was so excited to receive this badge of honor!  I had to stretch myself to learn how to apply it, but mission was accomplished.   Without further ado, here is my little video tour.

Thanks as always for stopping by!



Saturday, August 24, 2013

Etched Cuffs with Kristen Robinson

So here is the day two installment of my wonderful retreat with Kristen Robinson last weekend.  The subject of the day was etching, something I tried out once before in a group setting. We had the opportunity to make two bracelets and here you can see my outcome.

I chose to keep one of them on the simple side and "not mess it up."  I had a bit of a struggle in this class, not only with my stamping, but with the distress soldering technique.  Soldering is something I am so interested in, but it will take a while to master.

I think my favorite part of this cuff are the secret words tucked inside.

Here is a better image of the etching.  I was hard pressed to get a decent stamp, due to the curve of the black.  I ended up embracing imperfection and the design still came out pretty.

The bezel on my second cuff is layered with filigree.  Inside the bezel I stacked paper, a transparency and a snippet of text and covered with resin.  I will be playing with resin more in the future, that is for certain.

Well I have one more class to show off and I think it was probably my favorite, although it is hard to pick! Stay tuned for the last installment, plus a few more Graphic 45 treats.



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adorned Relics with Kristen Robinson

I was blessed to have the opportunity to take three workshops this past weekend with Kristen Robinson at a super cool spot called Smitten Dust.  The first class I had was called Adorned Relics.  Here we learned how to create beautiful faux mercury glass while playing with resin.  I absolutely fell in love with Ice Resin!

In order to add some of my usual touches, lots of gilders paste was used along the way...surprise, surprise...

A lot of trinkets, charms and filigree used were from Alpha Stamps as I have been designing for them for some time now.  I am so grateful for their support, especially when I am rooting through my amazing Alpha stamp stash!

I think this one is my favorite because it is so different for me.  I think you can really see the faux mercury glass well in this necklace too.  The stone used is picture jasper, there are so many lovely patterns and colors within each and every bead.

This is another bezel that I was excited about.  I simply added paper rhinestones and a Graphic 45 ornate key.  It made for a fantastic focal that was perfect for some vintage embellishments.

I took apart an old three strand necklace and re purposed bits and pieces to create a new necklace.  Bits and bobs were also added to the bottom for balance and movement.

The top portion of this necklace had already been made.  It was not laying correctly with the last focal I had attached.  I was happy to be able to simply add the focal and shore up the chain and I had a finished piece.

On this last one I kept it simple by adding a chain to my enhanced bezel.  I tried my hardest to make something asymmetrical out of these centerpieces, but for whatever reason, my meticulous brain has a hard time not making my jewelry balanced.

I actually have many more bezels to show off, so stay tuned for more art inspired by this class.  I will also be posting from my two other classes from Kristen soon. 



Friday, August 16, 2013

Arabian Nights Shrine

What a fun theme this month at Alpha Stamps, Arabian Nights.  I love it when I have a theme in mind and then go treasure hunting at local flea markets, estate sales and antique shops and find just what I "need." 

My recent score of a small elephant for fifty cents made for a perfect springboard for this little project.  I thought it was a great place to show off these cute little treasure chest charms.

Inside I also stashed a another wooden bit from an estate sale.  It was in a bag of junk, and I think it is actually marked from Russia...but I thought it could pass with my theme in mind.  If I would have just glued the wooden building in without propping it up on a tiny bottle of glass spheres, the focal would not have as much interest, as they were both the same height.

It is difficult to see, but the back ground inside is actually flakes of purple mica.  I was a bit disappointed that the color was darker than I imagined, so it is hard to catch this cool detail.  

For a full list of all the fun Alpha Stamps treasures I used, go here.



Monday, August 12, 2013

Steampunk Spells Love Potion Apothecary

A lovely little apothecary made with lots of Graphic 45 goodness.  Please enjoy some pictures along with a few tips, or scroll down to the bottom and catch a video tour below!

Graphic 45 Products used:
Steampunk Spells 8x8
Steampunk Spells 12 x12
Steampunk Spells 6x6 Pattern and Solids
Steampunk Spells Card Stock Stickers
Steampunk Spells Card stock Alphabet Stickers
Steampunk Spells Card stock Banners

Some of the other Items Used:
Small Bottles
Matte Medium
Bits of junk from my stash
Alcohol Inks (used to dye the corks)
Distress Stain and Ink in Broken China and Black Soot
Mica Flakes

This Graphic 45 project evolved from the scraps I had lying on my work room table.  I was looking at the Card stock sticker sheet, when I realized that the small words would fit perfectly on some teeny tiny bottles I had on hand.  Before I knew it I was altering bottles like crazy and searching for curious items to add to my apothecary.

I decided upon a white house shaped shadow box that I had picked up at a garage sale for a dollar.

To give the project a good base I started with black gesso.  A layer of copper gilders paste was added to the edges of the wood.

On the inside I used scraps of Steampunk Spells paper along with matte medium, distress stain in blue and mica flakes.

Inside the bottles I used all kids of fun things like sand, glitter and embossing powder. Most of the labels were created from the Card stock Sticker Sheet and a bit of black soot distress ink.  

To create interest in each little cubby, I was sure to include several bottles all at different heights. Remember too, that odds work best!

I just love how it turned out!  This is probably one of my favorite projects to date.   I hope that you too will now look at the scraps of paper lying on your work table in a different way.  For more tips and a closer look here is a quick video tour.



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Steampunk Paris

I made a little bit of time this weekend to catch up on my round robin series of art journals for my Kindred Souls group.  I have loved this project and I will be sad when it comes to an end.  The books are getting really full now and the compilations are just wonderful.

The first book is for Socrates and the theme is steampunk travel, perfect for the new papers from Graphic 45.  I started with the image from the title page, which I cut out.   Then I simply collaged with my favorite bits of junk.

On the back I kept it simple and added a map image to add to the travel theme.  I adore how this came out, and I just know the owner will love their book when it arrives home!

Next up I have Lynn Steven's book from Trash to Treasure Art.  She chose to go with a vintage color palate and a Parisian theme.  The image I chose is from Alpha Stamps and was the starting point of this page.  Lots of embellishment was added through filigree, flowers and metal elements.

Here again, another simple back.  I did not want to cover up the old tin tile image from the paper.  You should see the size of this book now that it is DONE.  Yes, it is on the way to the owner!  I hope she enjoys!