Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Typograpy Letterbox Tray

I have been blessed with so many rich opportunities since joining the Graphic 45 design team and today is another one of those fantastic events.  Here is a sneak peak of my feature over on Paper Crafter's Library!

I hope you will head on over to learn more about Graphic 45 and see the rest of this project!



Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Journal with Texture Tutorial

Fall is certainly my most favorite season ever.  For some reason, it just really inspires me.  With this in mind, I set out to create a fun Fall Journal to record my thoughts, memories and maybe even a few poems.

I will be sharing a few techniques along the way today as well.  On the cover you can see some great imagery from Alpha Stamps. For a full list of all the goodies I used from Alpha Stamps you can go right here. Another easy addition to this cover are French Country stickers from Graphic 45.

I love this cute little tiny oak leaf garland.  Also notice the great texture I got by layering stencils.  Here I used matte medium with my honey comb stencil and then aged it once the medium was dry.

Here you can see the detail of leaves I made with glossy card stock, alcohol inks and the tattered leaves stamps from Tim Holtz.

I started by choosing a few warm colors of ink.  I dropped them on the glossy paper and then blotted with a ink dabber doused with blending solution.

This is a few of the papers I made.  I did not mind that I still had some large spots on the paper, it ended up adding great interest to the finished leaves.

Here are the leaves after stamping them with permanent ink and then fussy cutting them out.  I am always happy when I can create my own embellishments from what I have on hand.

This tag below highlights the amazing texture you can get from using the different pastes that are now on the market.  Here I chose to use molding paste along with my stencil.

I started out by layering with my spray inks and stencils.

I then added layers of stain and inks. It helps to water down the stains before swirling the tags in the color.  I don't mind when my inks smear either, it adds interest to the piece.

 Another way to add a layer of color is with an ink pad and an ink applicator. This way it provides a softer and more reliable pattern.

Here are a bunch of my tags after playing with my inks and stencils. Notice I have gone back and added inks or stains to most of the edges of my pockets and tags.  This adds a great frame to any element.

Once there is a base layer of color and pattern, I take it a step further and add more texture with the paste. An inverted spatula works really well for this.

I like to use deli paper when I am doing this type of work.  I can mess up a sheet and easily clean up my spot with a quick toss.  Be sure to clean up your stencils promptly after applying pastes through them!

After the paste is dry I add more ink or gilders paste to provide yet another design element to the tag.

I am looking forward to curling up with a nice warm drink and journaling this past fall season.

I have entries planned for my recent Upper Peninsula vacation...

Perhaps a few fall poems...

And maybe even a doodle or two...

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post of my Fall Journal filled with fun texture.



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Typography Inspiration Box

I am so excited to finally be able to show this Typography project for Graphic 45. This project went in a total direction than anticipated, but that is what I love about art.  

Typography Inspiration Box
Typography 8x8 paper
Typography 12x12 Paper
Typography Chipboard
Typography Stickers
Regular Tag Album
Antique Metal Door Pull
Ornate Metal Key Holes
Ornate Metal Keys
May Arts Ribbon
Petaloo Flowers
Copper Gilders Paste
Tissue Tape
Black Gesso
Black Soot Distress Stain

I simply love scouring resale shops, flea markets and estate sales for things to alter.  The starting point for this Typography Inspiration Box came from one such find at a Goodwill thrift store. 

My little  box was fifty cents and it was quickly transformed into vessel for a few inspirational tags.  I creatively used the Ornate Metal Key Holes in groups to emulate feet along with lots of other Graphic 45 metal staples.  And yes, they are colored with copper gilders paste

The rich warm tones of the Typography line are just absolutely luscious! I have to admit, this paper line has grown on me a lot, I love it more and more with each use.

I layered chipboard elements with flowers and metal staples to create simple adornment on each tag.

I also adore the addition of lots of Petaloo flowers to each of my tags.

By simply adding a bit of twine or ribbon to the chip board pieces, it is easy to add texture and interest to a tag.

I also love all the great quotes and saying that Graphic 45 added to this line, there are lots of gems for sure. 



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tiny shrine of Mary

A few weeks back I had shared that I had been on a shrine/assemblage kick again, this post shows off another bit of that art attack.  

I used an Alpha Stamps image that I printed to make a rub on and then adhered that to a sheet of mica.  I just adore how you can see the text through the image.  Yes, I am easily amused when it comes to art techniques that add so much interest in super simple ways!

The edges of the assemblage were covered with my standby, tissue tape.  I also used a ton of gilders paste on this project, in fact this is the only medium I used to color the elements. 

I gave my mom another small similar shrine with religious imagery, I think this one may be destined for her as well!



Friday, November 1, 2013

Handmade Holidays Blog Hop

I am so very pleased to get to participate in the Third Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop through Graphic 45.

This is a three day event filled with amazing talent from the best crafters and designers in the industry.  We have all come together to share a series of handmade gifts for the holidays with the hope to inspire you to create something from the heart this winter season.  We also intend to show how to use products in innovative ways. I hope my offerings are up to par!

I could not help but showcase my favorite medium, assemblage.  I had a table full of scraps from another project, which is what triggered this small thoughtful collage quote box.


7 Gypsies Solo Shadowbox Tray
gilders paste; silver and black
Distress Stain: Black Soot
Petaloo Flowers
Industrial Chic Charms (pencil, wheel)
large domino/Scrabble tiles
Found objects: thimble, typewriter parts, metal jack, watch part vial
Strong adhesive

The project I am sharing with you today is a sentimental quote box made with Typography paper from Graphic 45.  To start off, I used my go to art item for altering paper, metal and wood: gilders paste.  I simply apply with my finger and buff all along the edges.  I do not mind getting messy, but if you do, a soft cloth or rag will do the trick.

Then, to add interest to the sides of the quote box, I applied tissue tape.  I wanted this to act as "noise" or pattern along the inside edge.  To push it back a bit, I added another layer of gilders paste over the tape. Notice my work is not perfect, sometimes you just have to embrace imperfection.  I will also strategically place my objects so that it covers any unsightly sloppy spot.

To make my quote stand out with dimension, I backed the paper on heavy chip board.  Please note, this project would work well with a photograph in place of the quote if that is more your style!  I tried to pull in some holiday hues, while still creating a project a friend could display year round.

The edges of the statement were coated with black stain and more gilders paste.

Now it is time to add the background layer of papers for your box.  I chose coordinating patterns with a holiday palate in mind.

To make my image stand out I hot glued an old domino in my box for dimension.  You can also use foam or any other object you have on hand.  Use what you have!

Here you can see my focal has now been affixed.  I was on a hot glue kick, which is great for speed, but it is not always the most steadfast adhesive.

I then started to plan out my little cubbies at the bottom.  I chose to use a few treasures I had on hand that went with the theme.

In the smaller bottom compartments,  I used old Scrabble tiles to pop out my statements.

Continue to add elements, being mindful to balance your composition.  Use odd numbers of objects and be sure to have different heights, depths and placement.

If your embellishments don't match your color palate, a little bit of gilders paste can solve that quandary.  I actually ended up only using half of this clothespin because it would not lay flat in my tray.  The spring was allocated to another cubby and I saved the other side for a future project.

Keep on adding elements until your feel your piece is finished.  I chose to add some flowers from Petaloo, customizing them by adding a few bits of the Typography Chipboard.

Another Ornate Metal Key gets dusted with gilders paste so that it matches the festive palate.

I love that I was able to locate one of my vintage typewriter keys to match the saying "A stitch in time, saves nine."

It is hard to tell, but inside the tiny bottle is the definition of the word "friend."

I hope you enjoyed seeing how easy it is to make a memorable collage as a holiday gift.  Please follow along to the other blogs below to see a ton more holiday gifting inspiration!  P.S.  There are prizes to be had so please comment below!

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