Monday, December 17, 2012

Time to Fly Again!

Hello Dear Readers!

I know, I know I have been off the map!  Please feel free to read to the end of the post and I will let you in on a wonderful little secret that may help shed some light on my absence 

The reason for this post is to ask a favor, if you are so inclined.  You see back in February, I entered a Mixed Metals Design Challenge for Vintaj on a whim and I won.  Because of this, my piece Time To Fly, is entered into their End of the Year Design Contest along with all the other winners over the year.  Of course this event is determined by popular vote, so I would love your support!

VOTE FOR #2: Mixed Metals

Thank You all SO much!  I won!!!

And now for my little secret...I have totally fallen in love. This has left me artistically distracted at the moment.  Yes, it is wonderful and awe inspiring and so very special.  It has been a very long time and I am enjoying every minute of it.

The creativity can come back anytime though!

Thanks as always for your loyal readership.  I appreciate the time you took to vote for me and share in the joy of love!



Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Nine Nymphs

My 12 Days of Christmas assignment from Alpha Stamps was the number nine, which traditionally is nine ladies dancing.  With a goal of using alliteration in my subject matter I chose to reinterpret my day and take my readers to a different place.  To keep a touch of winter in the piece I picked an icy palate, using lots of different layers of products to achieve various textures.  I will share a few tips and tricks with you in my post today.

I knew that this 8 x 8 Wooden Shadowbox and insert  were destined for this project, with nine perfect circles to showcase my ocean inspired imagery.  I had originally envisioned trying to make each of the openings into a porthole with washers or clay or something, but that thought never took shape.  Instead, I used layers of mica over my images, lending an underwater quality to my little harem of nymphs.

The outside of the box was treated with several layers of Gilders Paste in copper, white and patina.  I also used it on the display corners.  

Here is a close up where you can see a bit of the textures I achieved.  On the central background I started with a layer of stickels glitter glue.  Then, once dry, I used Picket Fence Distress Stain.  Now that dulled down the glitter quite a bit, but made for great texture.  To recapture a bit more glam, I added yet another layer of stickels in yet another icy color.  Also note all the wonderful mica flakes along the outside.  

My little drifts of mica were made by creating a paste.  I mixed my mica flakes directly into fluid matte medium and then piled it on the piece in selected areas with a small wooden stick.  Then follow with another pinch of flakes, sprinkling them over your paste mixture to get an extra layer of shimmer.

I used a large piece of mica tile that was cut to fit my openings.  I simply peeled it apart until I had my nine panels.  I used a touch of matte medium to glue these down.  I love how it kind of distorts the image and gives it such depth.  More stickles were added to act as grout, and fill in the area not covered by the mica.

To add to my icy ocean scene I used blue and white floral embellishments.  I especially like the new acrylic sprays.

I hope you enjoyed my take on day nine!