Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Inspiration

It is cold here in Michigan right now, bitter bone chilling cold.  While it is difficult to embrace the frigid weather, it is something I can happily take inspiration from. 

For this project, I have some mixed media snowmen I made with my Altered Art group.  This idea was originaly featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors a fantastic mixed media magazine.  These were made with vintage bottles stuffed with beads, broken jewelry and sea glass.  I think that tinsel would be a great option too.  I have seen some with small brush tress placed inside, let your imagination and junk drawer guide you!

The heads of the snow people were made with paperclay, a fun affordable air dry clay that I really enjoyed and found very easy to use.  The heads are topped off with glitter, embellishments and various found objects.  I loved using watch gears, pastry tips, thimbles, keys and what nots.  Pieces of marabou trim, yarn, tinsel and felt provide scarves for the snow people and add layers of texture to the overall project.  Fun!


  1. I love the little snowpeople. SO cute!!!

    (I'm Shawna -- ShawnaJ--on swapBot and am following you now)

  2. my aunt would LOVE these...she collects a ridiculous amount she has! mamatoallie on swapbot

  3. Eek! Thats so cute!! I love winter!!! The pretty pale colours and all the glitter & frost!! Ichigoshortcake on sb! xx

  4. I love these guys, how origional using bottles for there bodys - you are very creative :)

  5. I love these! I'm going to attempt one of my own - if I start now, I might have then done by Christmas!
    Amy 528 on swapbot


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