Sunday, May 31, 2015

Handmade Envelopes

So I am absolutely blessed to be a part of a small clan of women who meet monthly around our common interest of art.  We are the Multi Media Mavens, however I tend to refer to them as my Mavens.

Sometimes we have challenges, sometimes we have exchanges, and sometimes we just chat and have show and tell. This month the prompt was to make or decorate envelopes.  At first I was not all that inspired by the task as I had no plan, but once I previewed the first batch of Brittney's envies, I was excited to play.  

I followed Brittney's lead with the use of bright colors and watercolor paper.  I decided to use what I had on hand to make these so I used some metallic calligraphy ink I had picked up at an estate sale along with watercolor paper from an auction.  Some of the paper actually had sketches on it from the previous artist.  I thought that added a nice touch to some of the envies. 

I stuck with complementary colors as I knew they would be getting swished together with the saran wrap resist I did.  To get this look simply wet your paper, wet some saran wrap, layer the wrap over the paper and drip your inks into the cracks of the paper.  You can then play and let the colors drip and mix together.

I left the saran wrap in place overnight for it to dry.  You can see in the one below, that I was rushing and did not leave the saran wrap as long, the results were a bit different. 

My edges are not as vibrant and crisp.  The outcome also could have been influenced by the different weights of paper I used.  In the image above you can see some of the sketches peeking though!

To make these envelopes after colorizing my paper, I used a template called a diagolope.  I simply traced it, cut it and glued it together.  I also lined the inside with coordinating paper  (no image.)

To add a bit of texture I could not resist adding a little newly acquired Sari ribbon.  This was my first time playing with this material and it will not be my last.  I love the texture and vibrant colors.  I think it made for a cute closure, along with eyelets for reinforcement.  

This was such a fun exchange with my Mavens! I hope you also found a touch of inspiration as you read along today.



Saturday, May 30, 2015

World Traveler Shadowbox

This project was recently featured on the Canvas Corp blog and I am happy to be able to now personally show it off to my readers!

I used 7 gypsies Serengeti paper along with a Solo Shadowbox to make this traveling treasure.  I tried to stay with an African theme to create this worldly assemblage.

The outside of the box was covered in paper tape to give it texture and alter it a little bit.  I also used burlap to give a backdrop to the smaller insets. This adds a rustic element.

The treasures inside started with the 7 gypsies charms.  I added from my own stash and I also made a special trip to my local bead shop to find a few unique things to round out my theme.  Many of the objects have been altered with patina or gilders paste.

In this piece I added some text and imagery via rub ons.  I absolutely am loving the arrow trend that is happening right now and I have added a few here and there to help the eye travel.  You can also see that I used rub ons in some of the empty areas.

As always I absolutely loved creating this piece and I just adore being able to share with you!  Thank you for stopping by!



Monday, May 25, 2015

Bezel Maddness

So my loyal followers will know that I have an amazing crafty outlet store close at hand.  Well a recent score at said score evolved into a full day of inspiration and fun.  I managed to get a giant bottle of Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos for only $12.50 when it retails for fifty dollars.  With my trusty UV light I set out to layer it up and boy did I have fun!

As you can see I was quite productive.  I just could not stop once inspiration struck and the product was so simple to use, no mixing!  Now, I love my Ice Resin, but the swiftness of this product for the purpose of layering was just awesome.

Other mixed media supplies used included a ton of Iced Enamels, Art Ingredients (glass glitter, micro beads, mica) Vintaj patinas and gilders paste. 

The one pictured above turned out really cute.  It is so outside of my go to colors and I am proud of myself for being brave and embracing these vibrant colors.  I used turquoise Iced Enamels in the background and Heidi Swap embellishments. Her product stood up well to the resin as they are plastic.

This bezel was inspired by the charm that I found while rooting through my drawers of junk.  I thought that a Dymo label would stand up well to the resin and I was right.  I think adding text in this manner with resin is perfect. In this one I also used some of Finnabair's Art Ingredients.  The tiny silver beads look great suspended in two separate layers of resin.

Another sample with a Dymo Label reads "love" above.  On this one I used the Iced Enamels on the outside of the bezel.  The distressed look is perfect for my style.  These other small projects have all kinds of junk inside: keys, watch parts, washers, glass glitter and shattered mica. 

One feature I really liked with this system was the quickness of the resin set up with the help of the UV light.  I was able to create layers and layers very quickly this way by systematically working on several pieces at a time.

Another experiment with color below.  The turquoise, red and black reminds me of Day of the Dead and I am sure I will find a project for it someday!

I kept the one above on top super simple and just layered different types of shattered mica.  I think may add a rub on sentiment eventually, it is crying out for just a little bit more, as is the faux Drusy below that I experimented with.  I can never leave well enough alone when it comes to my art!

This was such a fun day of pure artistic play, it energized me in so many ways!



Sunday, May 24, 2015

Steampunk Santos Doll

This project has been in the making for quite some time.  I started it when I recently made a large order from Retro Art Cafe, where I got the doll base.  

The caged portion of the doll is covered in turquoise Iced Enamels.  I love the shabby metal look it gives.  Since I did not seal it with resin as intended, it chipped a little, but I liked the effect. 

On the bottom of the doll I added lots of fun things. Strings and scraps from Sari ribbon, gears, hearts and even some old vacuum tubes.  A few customized bezels were also added for movement and additional meaning.

My project finally came together once I got some stuff from B'sue Boutiques.  I had been having trouble with the face of my doll, but with this lovely brass stamping my gal finally found her personality.  

I enhanced the face with Vintaj patinas, gilders paste and some stickels. I think it ended up working out quite well.  You can also see another custom bezel is tied on here with some more Sari ribbon, which was from B'sue as well.  I really loved it more than I would ever imagine, with it's bright vivid colors.

I liked the shape of the hearts as well as the colors I chose.  Here I layered on three similar elements to create interest and depth.  It is always good to repeat patterns.

The wings of my steampunk Santos doll are enhanced with Inka Gold, stenciling and lots of gilders paste.  I even edged some things out with graphite to be sure I had good definition. 

This was a super fun project for me that is really outside of my usual work, but I really enjoyed it.  I hope you did too!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Artisan Style Blocks

This project for Graphic 45 was inspired by the new Artisan Style paper line and a score of some blank blocks at an outlet store.  The blocks actually came with paper and embellishments for a Christmas themed project, but I had other plans for them.  

I kept the project pretty simple for once and I was really working to not over embellish or add too much stuff.  For those of you who regularly follow me, you will know that this is indeed a challenge. 

To keep things looking aged, distressed and somewhat cohesive, I used inks, stain and my Dremel tool to bring the project together.

Another element that I wanted to highlight in this project was the new door knockers from Graphic 45.  I just adore these embellishments and the fantastic detail they have.  I aged mine a little with the use of patina colored gilders paste.  To make this detail appear more substantial I also backed it with a filigree and framed it out with a sticker.  

Another tactic I used in this project that is rare is rounding the corners of my paper.  This small detail really added to the project, and I got to use a gadget I have had and rarely use.

The use of the Artisan Style ephemera also helped this project along.  I love that there is no cutting required and you get great imagery to use in your projects.

There are so many ways you can stack these fun blocks to see different views and details.  Yes, I have been playing with my blocks!

I hope you enjoyed today's post for Graphic 45.  There will not be too many of these left as my time with them is up at the end of the month!  It has been an amazing experience and I am excited for the new team that has been set up to inspire. 



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hand Picked Flower Assemblage

This piece has been in the works for so long!  I found these elements several summers ago and I compiled them as a result of a lesson on flowers from an online class through Brave Girls Club. However, as things sometimes happen, I never really put the piece together.

I had taken a photo of the assemblage on the trunk I use as a backdrop.  The pieces were lying around neglected in a dish for a very long time.  I finally had the inspiration to use them when I found the background at a local big box store.  I used stains, gilders paste, gesso and paint to create a fun distressed background. 

The play on words with the title "hand picked" I thought was super cute.  I used a dymo label maker to make my saying and mounted it on a scrap of Masonite and a Tim Holtz frame.

The middle of the flower is a cool old rotary phone dial that I picked up at a garage sale in the Upper Peninsula.  I am happy to finally put this treasure to good use. 

This was a great departure from my usual use of paper, a true assemblage for sure!  Thanks so much as always for stopping by, I wish you much inspiration!