Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first minibook

I was so inspired by Tim Holtz's latest blog post, that I made one of these little books straight away.  I love that there are little pockets to add an interactive feature to the book.  I have stuffed a few little surprises in for the recipient. 

The first pocket has a chipboard magnet inside.  I collaged it with vintage postage from around the world.  The ribbon is added simply to have a mechanism to pull out the surprise.  Many of the embellisments in the book are actually stickers.  I don't usually use them, but they were quick and I put this book together really, really quick.  It was nice to see a project through in such a short time period. 

The bingo game piece was a score from my Dad.  I recived two boxes filled with game markers as well as the pieces for the caller.  They have come in handy for various projects.  As an antique dealer, he comes across a lot of great stuff for altered art.

I have also tucked some tickets, cigar bands, and other ephemera inside the other pockets.  Hopefully they will inspire the recipient to create some art of thier own!

This is yet another project with tissue tape involved.  I cannot seem to get enough of this stuff.  I have to say that I love it, but I still struggle with some loose ends.  Again, I simply reinforce any stray edges with whatever glue is on hand at the moment. 

I really enjoyed this quick little project, check out Tim Holtz's blog for very easy instructions on how to make one just like it. 


  1. Oh my goodness, it's wonderful! Love all the text and layering... just beautiful!

  2. Very nice! I made one too, but I like your more lol. I love the colors!

  3. Fantastic little book you've created. I love what you did with it!

  4. What a great job you did with this little project. Keep up the good work!

  5. Great job today leading our little band of artsy gals. I had fun playing with all the little toys you brought, Thank you!

  6. LOVE your book. The colors are beautiful and the whole feel is very sophisticated.

  7. I just love your book... totally awesome,, You now have a new follower...

  8. Hi I'm Bonnie (Pink Stitches from swapbot). Love this little book. I'm a fan of scrapbooking and you are really really good at this. Looks great :D

  9. This is adorable. I have been wanting to do one for quite sometime now....but then. I must try this once.

    You share wonderful projects here and am quite inspired and hence chosen to follow you too.

    See you more often.
    Cheers! (Chinnu from SB)

  10. What a gorgeous mini-book! This is super inspirational, it makes me want to make my own! Maybe I will have to now! :) Super cute and a great new scrapbooking project!

    I'm now following your blog - found you as a part of the Swap Bot Blog Followers #2 swap! Happy that I found your blog, I love crafting, too! :)

    I'm in the process of making a blog post with a link to your blog in it, so feel free to stop by and take a look if you have the time!

    Thanks so much!

    "loolie" on SB


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