Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Inspiration II

Here is another little item I created inspired by winter.  This was done for a swap on and it has already been sent off to a partner far, far away.  I really enjoy that this site pushes me to try new things artistically.  I have grown as an artist by leaps and bounds since joining less than a year ago.

The swap was for a "Chunky Row House" with a Winter Wonderland theme.  I used a piece of cardboard from a cereal box as my base.  I good solid layer of gesso started the base of my paint job.  I used a blue acrylic which was followed by a crackle coat.  I used ink to bring out the crackle once the layers of paint were dry.

The eaves were made with sandpaper.  I liked that it added texture to my project.  Diamond Dust also was a great element to add on this piece.  The window is actually a part of a torn apart old belt buckle.  I was looking and looking for something and I think this was a good choice.  The tree was actually a charm that I nipped the loop off of. I added the little crochet trim, German scrap birds and a little banner to finish everything off. 

I have to admit, I was pretty pleased with the outcome of my very first chunky row house.  My partner was happy with my work.   I treasure the feedback just as much as much as the art and the process.


  1. You did a lovely job on your first chunky row house. I like how all the different elements came together so well.

    Ann (freespirit66)

  2. thats a great job! the entire thing looks like it was made from clay.

  3. That is so pretty, I love all the tiny details you added, so whimsical :)

  4. I love this house! I did a Christmas house swap this year - my first swap ever. It was really great fun - and like you mentioned - being part of those things helps to push you! And I've been doing a house book on my own. There's just something about houses and homes. Good job on your artwork!


  5. This is beautiful. I love the belt buckle window and the charm tree. Really creative uses for them.

    "maybejustperhaps" on Swap-Bot

  6. This is so cute! I saw that swap, but wan't really sure what a chunky house was so I didn't try. Great job.
    swapbot- shorterthanu44


All the comments and feedback you leave affirms my creative spirit on a very deep level. I am grateful for your time and readership!