Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Christmas Junque Journal

Not too long ago I posted a Holiday Junque Journal that I made for a gift.  Well, I loved it so much I had to have one for myself.  Please note, this post is picture heavy.  I really wanted to try and capture the feeling of the book.  I created a tutorial on how to assemble this book here.  I have also now made a video tour of my completed book if you want to take a peek. 

I actually started this book last week, with the intention to enter it into Simon Says Stamp and Show some tickets challenge.  I did not get enough done to feel comfortable posting.  I lucked out though as this week the challenge was to show some stars.  The compass rose on the paper is in starry form.  I love the symbolism of the compass; direction.  I added some star rub ons and a really great piece of journal jewelry that was star themed to drive the theme home.  I do love stars as you may have guessed. :)  The book has a wonderful sound to it because of the little bells too.  Just the perfect amount of movement and jingle. 

I actually colored the entire book blue to go with the star theme too.  I did not like how the stain looked on the binding, so I simply went over everything with a brown tones.  Now there are under currents of blue, which I love.  A happy mistake. 

There are tons of pockets inside to tuck in lists, receipts and holiday ephemera I find along the way.

The pockets were made by simply folding a rectangle of paper in half and taping around the edges with tissue tape.  My loyal followers know...I am totally addicted to tissue tape.

I scored a few packs of recipe cards at a big box store for a buck a pack. They make for great pages in my little book.

I used holiday rub ons throughout this project too.  I am like a child like fascination with them.

Perhaps it will help me to have a countdown calendar this year....

Like my last book, I also added a bit of old ledger book paper for lists.  On the first page here, I glued on a bit of snowflake ribbon.

I really love the addition of envelopes throughout the book.  The polka dot one above was handmade by someone else, I embellished it. 

I adore the postal theme too, perhaps this is where my love of envies started. 

I used an opaque spray ink on this air mail envelope called tin type, love the flat color.

I use the envelops to tuck in bits of paper and ephemera for later work as well.  I really love some of the reproduction vintage stuff you can get these days.

In the last four sections I used Tim's adage tickets as the label, I thought this was a cute idea.  It was inspired by lasts week's ticket challenge as I had mentioned earlier.

Tim's seasonal paper stash came in quite handy too.

I used the tiny attacher to simply staple on the ticket.  Looks good and it is a sturdy way of connecting this feature as it will take some wear and tear.

The brown envie here was sent to me.  I folded it and cut it up to make a double pocket.  Recycling plus art!

This last pocket is hinged with tissue tape.  This is a very easy way to add a pocket into your projects!

The dream label was a mistake from my dream jar.  I added the tickets to the label, but did not like them for my jar.  Another up cycle for me. 

I look forward to continuing to work on this book.  This is really just a template for lots more play and fun.  I did manage to take a few pictures of me assembling the book.  Many of you commented and emailed requests to show you how to put this together when I posted last time.  The pics are not great due to the crumby lighting in the basement, but I do plan to post a tutorial soon.  My little gift to you for the holiday! 

That is all for now.  I think I am going off to a holiday bazaar to get some more Christmas spirit.




  1. Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fantastic journal! Thanks for posting it. I've been collecting stuff for my own but still haven't assembled it. I hope it turns out as nice as yours.

  3. Really beautiful, SG! Will be looking forward to the tutorial....OD

  4. Hey Rhea, you have done again a fabulous job of creating your Christmas Journal. I believe that you Do have the Spirit. Keep it up, your work work is marvelous I love it.

  5. Love your journal Rhea. Thanks for posting all the pictures as we really get a feel for what it looks like.

  6. Looks amazing! I never saw junk look this good. :) Love it!

  7. Oh Rhea I adore this journal. That cover is amazing and the inside . . . ! Thanks for joining the challenge at Simon Says Stamp & Show.

  8. Rhea,
    Thanks for posting all the pages. Your "junk" is amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    Gail Bales
    Gail in Oklahoma

  9. What a fantastic journal! I love all the little pockets.

    -- Sarah, visiting from Artists in Blogland

  10. Awesome! I totally want to do one now. :-) I use to keep a holiday journal from the Sunday before Thanksgiving to the weekend after New Years, but had abandoned that effort when I divorced. This is just the type of think I would utilize for that month & a half. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  11. OMG... this is beyond lovely... I loved all the little pockets and bits... very creative and so beautifully done xx

  12. This is so lovely, and gives me many ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Wonderful book. Thank you for sharing all the photos. It looks like so much fun to make and to own..Donna

  14. Your book is full of delights and Christmas joy. Love it.

  15. You have a real knack for these journals, Rhea! Gorgeous! I love the envelopes you used, and that you recycled things from other projects. Fantastic!

  16. I love your book! And I'm looking forward to seeing the tutorial, too! It's beautiful.

  17. Wow, what a super project this is! Love everything about it - especially the compass/stars and the lovely sepia tones on the cover. So happy you joined in the fun with us this week at Simon Says Stamp and Show!

  18. Wow, very nice project thanks for sharing. Glad to see you used some of the supplies from Altered Art Addicts! You really have a great talent for turning many different pieces into a master piece.

  19. Ohhhhh Rhea your journal is fabulous! No wonder you wanted one for yourself!!! Who wouldn't !!!
    now off to see more of what your up to!
    hugs Lynn

  20. one of the best i've ever seen, awesome. xoxo

  21. Fabulous've inspired me to try the same! Merry Christmas to you and yours


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