Sunday, January 1, 2012

Junque Book: Video Tour

So I have found these little videos to be a fun way to interact with my readers.  Surprise, surprise because I hate to be on camera.  For some reason, I feel okay behind the scenes and I am going with it. 

I decided to post a video clip showing off the inside of my very chunky Christmas Junque Journal.   Sometimes it is hard to capture the true feel of a piece in a blog entry with just photos and words. This way, readers can hear the wonderful little jingle of the bells, learn about some of the secret bits of junk and hopefully get a little inspiration to save or repurpose something for your own art journal. 

You can read more about my first junque book journey here.  I liked that one so much I had to make my own, which is detailed here.   There were so many comments, inquiries and such overall positive feedback about this project that I also did a tutorial here.  Hopefully you have enjoyed sharing my journey, I know I have found joy in sharing it!

Thanks for stopping by today and always.  I appreciate my readers so very much.  Happy New Year to each and every one of you, may 2012 bring you your soul's desire!



P.S. Nails done with Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Misbehaved.  LOVE this product! 


  1. Happy New Year, SG! Your presentation of your journal is great! Lots of pretty things there. Where did you get your journal, if I may ask. Did you make it yourself? Nice size....Thanks for sharing. OD

  2. Going through your journal with you was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it so much!
    Hope your New Year was a great one...

  3. Happy New Year, Rhea! Your junque journal is fabulous...what fun to see you used my little "Let it Snow Baby" tag from our charms swap on one page...that image is also from Red Lead! guys should get the recipe for your aunt & uncle's chili know you'll want to make it forever.

    Thanks for the fun video.


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