Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Handmade Holiday

Just a quick post to show off a couple of jewelry pieces I  have created today.  Last minute gifts for those who will appreciate such a token.

This necklace was inspired by a necklace I saw on Pinterest.  That site is so much fun!  It was really simple and quick to create and yet still looks like a nice finished piece of jewelry.  There is lots of movement to the focal charm, which I just adore. 

This next one I really like.  It is a color scheme that I really enjoy.  It is interesting how the colors are translating in photos, it looks a bit more muted in real life. 

And a close up of the really lovely centerpiece. 

I hope both of the recipients enjoy! I also made a custom pink sparkly bracelet and earrings for a special little girl, but alas, I wrapped them up.  Oh well!

Lots more last minute holiday preparations ahead!  For those of you who are finished and prepared for your festivities, I salute you!




  1. What lovely pieces. I really love the ring with bead dangles. Some very lucky recipients. Merry Christmas

  2. These special gifts are beautiful, Rhea. I'm sure the lucky recipients will be thrilled to receive them. Thanks for sharing your creations with us...
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  3. I can't wait to wear my necklaces Rhe-Rhe! Thank you for sharing your talents with me. Your pictures posted on here are beautiful too. I just love the Jacobsville sandstone, what a nice touch. I am going to start by blog experience today and had to come here for inspiration. I have no idea even where to begin!


All the comments and feedback you leave affirms my creative spirit on a very deep level. I am grateful for your time and readership!