Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Winnings and Blessings

I had a wonderful Christmas, I am so very blessed and grateful for my abundance this season and always.  The gifts I received this past month, extended beyond my typical circle of family and friends.  In the past year I have really discovered the wonderful world of blogging, and this community has shared with me several additional gifts this holiday season.

As I write this I can't help but reflect on my annual milestones.  I have hit 200 followers and I am really close to 30,000 hits on 90 posts.  What is even better than that are the 982 comments I have gotten so far. The comments you leave are precious gems to me, that continue to fuel my creative spirit.   Blogging has become a great way for me to express myself.  I love the way I can move from creating the art, to documenting my efforts (and pitfalls) and then putting it all together and publishing in a pleasing artful manner.

I pushed myself outside my box and made a video of my Winter Winnings to show off the generosity of so many people out there.  I have never done a video, so it was interesting and challenging to try something new. 

This crafty community sure is fun to be a part of.  I can't help but dream of doing this on a deeper level, designing, inventing, teaching, writing, selling...I would love to do it all!

My prizes generously came from:
Jewelry Push Pins from sweetbeadstudio won through  Lori Anderson's virtual craft fair. 
Yellow Bicycle stamps and extras, from Allie Gower.

An AMAZING Boxful of Christmas from Red Lead.

May you too be blessed with crafty abundance!




  1. Cool video...you did a great job! And wow...what a great bucket of loot...congrats! I have to totally agree with your heartfelt words that you typed out so eloquently...blogging has become the gift that keeps on giving for me as well! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more!

  2. WOW Rhea, Great video, and what a haul!!! Santa realy was good to you this year! I'm the most lovely shade of Christmas green right now. LOL
    Enjoy all your treasures!
    hugs Lynn

  3. What an amazing haul!!
    Good job on the video!

  4. Fab video.. I see a great assemblage in the future..

  5. Thanks so much for giving us a peek at your wonderful treasures! Congrats on receiving all of it. You will have so much fun working with all of it!

  6. Fabulous job on your video. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas goodies. You are a very lucky girl. Have fun with your many treasures. :)

    Blessings, denise :D

  7. Love, your blog. Having trouble with the video - will try again when I get home.

  8. awesome! I love red lead too! congrads!

  9. Great stuff, Rhea! I just became your newest follower. Lorie from ArtCharms xo

  10. great stuff-nice presents--enjoy!!!!

  11. I am so with you, what I love about blogging is that it is people that "Get me" and share the same interests. Although the people in my real life love me, they don't appreciate what I do. Blogging sure opens a whole new world. Good for you for trying a video, I haven't been that brave yet. Wishing you a Happy New Year filled with possibilities and adventures!



All the comments and feedback you leave affirms my creative spirit on a very deep level. I am grateful for your time and readership!