Saturday, May 26, 2012

Postal Charm

I simply adore all things postal.  I love to imagine the journey that a piece of living ephemera has taken to get where it is.  I love the stamp, the date, the age, the wear, the way the envelope was opened, the handwriting, the surprise of another bit of accidental ephemera....I could go on and on...

Well I am sure my charming friends will not be surprised that I signed up to make two sets of ten charms for one of the latest swap offerings.  I experimented with my first set by gluing two stamps together and dipping them in UTEE.  They were really cute until I attempted to add a hole and cracked them...a wonderful failed experiment.

The first set here were really simple.  I simply added an old stamp image with some glossy accents and put packing tape on the back to seal it a bit.  These domes are made of glass and they magnify the image.  I tired to find stamps with interesting postmarks.

I like the fun nature theme on this set.  I adore the one with the tree.  

This lot is filled with women.  I love the one at the top with Virgin Mary. 

No particular theme with these ones.  Just super simple, super cute little charms.  I am so addicted to making them!

In this set I played with new materials, which was so much fun.  The back of this set is scrap leather.  I picked up a few bits at an industrial outlet type store on the super cheap.  I glued on a stamp and then added a layer of mica, another new fun thing to play with.  A vintage eyelet from a recent estate sale, along with a bit of guilders paste and these were done.  

I like the color the paste adds, I think it helps add to the story of my little charm. 

Just think of all the stories, messages and words of love all these little stamps carried.  And how fun to create another little memory of my creation to the mix.  

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some inspiration with me!




  1. These are so cute, you are so creatively talented

  2. Love both sets Rhea. Can't wait to see them in person.

  3. Fun, fun!!! Love them all:)

  4. Love these! I was wondering what you use to put the metal charm piece on the top ones?

  5. I'm with you...I love all things postal! You have created some wonderful art gems with what others cast off. Love the use of leather and mica!

  6. Your stamp charms are full of colors and implied stories.

  7. Very cute, hope I get one of these! I had to get new stamps as I had no collection of cancelled ones; love that yours show the cancellations.

  8. Beautiful charms! I like the variety of the stamps... they're very interesting!

  9. Very creative! You may have inspired me to give some of these a try.


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