Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amulets and Talisman Charms

I have said it before, and it is so true, I am addicted to charm making right now.  It is so quick and gratifying and they are especially fun to swap.  A new swap for Amulet and Talisman charms in my group was too good to pass up.

 My first set started out with a really great product called Style Stones.  I purchased them at a close out sale at a steep discount, as it is typically a pricey product.  They are made from actual stone and they accept many mediums very well. 

I started out by using neutral toned alcohol inks on both sides.  The edges were coated in Inka Gold which I simply applied with my fingers.  A stamped script holds the perfect words for the owner of this tiny talisman.  On the other side is a spiral marking that was imprinted with a stamp I hand carved.  The spiral represents evolution and holistic growth; letting go, surrender release and connectivity with divine energy and source.

A small copper ring dangles from the hand embellished stone.  The copper holds characteristics such as love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic creativity.  The ring  is a nod to wholeness, unity, revolution and completion. 

The second set were made from beads I purchased at an estate sale.  Here is a picture of what they looked like before I altered them with my magic potion.  This picture was never intended to end up in a blog post (it was from a text message)...but I thought I would showcase what they looked like before.  There were quite a few larger beads which I kept to make some different pieces with.


My magic potion is this amazing aging solution that was given to my by one of my employees.  Since it is meant to age a product, we could say that it will add the element of wisdom to this talisman.  It was also used in these Day of the Dead skulls I made last fall.  It gives the beads, which I am pretty sure are bone, wonderful depth and character.  Bones represent the foundation of the self, the inner truth.  They can also represent death and rebirth. 


I added another dangling element off of my charm more movement, in this case a small red glass flower.  The red representing love and the flower opening up.  A Chinese coin was also attached to add good fortune.  Again the circle is prevalent in this charm with the jump rings as well as the patterns on the beads representing wholeness.    

In writing this post, I also realized I had not shown these ocean themed charms off.  They were made for my local art group.  I love using the picket fence stain  and Guilders Paste on metal with a bit of sealer. 

I am excited to see the return on the Amulets and Talisman charm swap, it will be an amazing charm bracelet I do believe!  I will be showing off what I did with a few of my Springtime in Paris charms soon.  I have been working on a big project and I am really excited to start showing it off.




  1. Wow! Unfortunately, I didn't join the Amulets & Talisman swap! You obviously put so much thought and care into these - you have made these truly special and I'm sure the recipients will appreciate all your thoughtfulness and hidden meanings!

  2. So happy I have one of your "by The Sea" charms. Your Amulets and Talisman charms are beautiful.

  3. I love what you did with the amulets and talisman swap. Also like by the sea charms.

  4. never thought of it as ageing a bead when you chnage the color. it sure sounds better. Very interesting post look forwards to future developments.

  5. You make it all look so easy. I really love the thought of using bone and stone beads and these looks so good. Thanks so much for the "By the sea" charm - it is charming!

  6. Oooooo....these are just divine! Wish I was part of this charm swap. Love them all!!!

  7. Just found you through a post on pinterest and joined your blog. I am enjoying looking through your blog posts. Great work!

  8. Totally swiping these and making some of my own :)


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