Sunday, May 20, 2012

Playing in the mud

I have been having the most fun with clay of late.  My new obsession started a few weeks ago when a gal pal invited me to "Pizza and Mud" at a local studio called The Firehouse.  We had a lovely evening, making sunshine bird feeders.  I did not like the look of the open mouth, so I altered the plan and just made a simple sunshine.

If I had it my way, I would have worked on my facial features a lot more.  I had to just accept where I was at when time was up.  This was really hard for me!  I can really get lost in a project for hours. 

Another clay adventure I recently took, was following a tutorial from Pixie Hill.  You can see what I made the first time around here.  I really enjoy using the Paper clay.  I love this medium and I can see myself really getting lost in the possibilities of what can be made.  When one of the owners of the Rusty Rabbit saw my teeny, tiny houses and mushrooms she asked me to make some larger ones. 

I happy complied and used up the rest of the package of Paper clay.

These little decorations are going to be added to small eclectic succulent gardens for a special touch of garden whimsy.  How fun is that!

Thanks for stopping by to share a moment of inspiration with me.  I hope your summer season is off to a lovely start!


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  1. The sun is adorable. The houses and mushrooms are even cuter in real life than in the photos. You are a paper clay wizard.


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