Thursday, August 4, 2011

Geared for Time

So today I ventured down to my creative space with the intent to organize a bit and seriously start herding items for Create. Well of course I got distracted by a new toy.  I recently purchased a small hand drill for soft metals. This is going to be a great item to have around.  I easily cut through a few of Tim's embellishments.

As you can see, in this piece I cut a hole in the clock face. I added a few spinners, ala Tim Holtz, and a gear backdrop. I love that the spinners still move.  A few more gears were added with jump rings to frame out the focal point.  In this photo my necklace is draped over my challenge book.  One of the backs of my pages has this lovely paper from the Tattered Time stack.   

The inspiration for this piece was actually the chain that I found in one of my junque boxes.  I was gathering cool stuff for travel when I happened upon this and immediately wanted to try out a jewelry piece with Tim's stuff.  I did go "matchy matchy" and used all brass pieces. I am pretty pleased with the results.

How fun to revisit my jewelry making roots.  Looking forward to a Bead Soup adventure too. Stay tuned for that one! 



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  1. Rhea, this is gorgeous!! you've done an awesome job, thanks for sharing

  2. I love, love it. Fantastic job. I just finished the chotski pin for the swap and am letting it hang on my inspiration board for a few days to see what it needs added or changed before I send it out. This will be my absolute first swap. I have signed up for others and am having a blast. I wish tho I was as good as you are... this is fabulous.

  3. Terrific necklace! Have fun at Create.

  4. totally fabulous - I am not much into necklaces but what you created would look totally fab as a pin too. thanks for sharing such a beautiful piece.

  5. Hello Rhea
    I enjoyed visited your blog - and finding it through the bead soup blog party Yahoo group. Welcome to the next blog hop! I know you'll make something gorgeous with the way you combine found objects and vintage pieces in your mixed media work.

  6. Fabulous results, love this piece. Tracy x

  7. I love did a great job on this Rhea


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