Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A day of encaustic

So another class I took at the Create art retreat focused on a totally new medium to me, wax and plaster.  The instruction was provided by Trish Seggebruch and she was a lovely teacher.  She made encaustic look easy and she inspired me with her teaching.  I found upon trying however, that this is not the medium for me. 

I still had fun and played with the materials provided. In turn, I was exposed to some other new art supplies that I now want as well: PanPastels and Shiva paint sticks.  Another technique I used ( in several classes actually) and fell in love with...stencils.  These seem to be making a serious crafty comeback as good old Martha has a giant new selections of stencils in the big box store.

Without further ado, here are three of the five encaustic pieces I worked on. Two of them were just not worth posting on here.  There is something to be said about editing! :)

This little vintage themed one has a few goodies tucked inside the wax.  I also used a lot of transfers in these pieces and this worked pretty well. 

I was proud of myself for stepping out of my usual grungy color palette above.  I think this piece has grown on me a bit.  The purple flowers were added with stencils and the PanPastels.  Those were so much fun, I wish I discovered them earlier in the workshop. I was too busy trying to tame the uncontrollable wax!

This board was one of the ones I layered with plaster to before adding wax.  This made for very interesting texture.  I struggled with "controlling" the wax in any of these projects.  I had embedded my heart in wax (above), but it did not stay.  I turned this into an opportunity and added all the metal staples.  I also dripped resin on the heart.  This was from the overflow of resin for my assemblage pieces I just finished up from another Create class.  I hope to post both of them on here very soon.  They have the most delicious texture, you don't want to miss these.  

I hope you will stop by again soon!




  1. I think that blue piece is beautiful!!! It would be pretty framed or maybe even modged podged to a lamp shade, put it in an all white room and see a burst of color.I think its lovely...

  2. The birdcage piece is my favorite, but the rusty heart calls to me.

  3. I love my Shivas!!!! I haven't done any painting in a while and encaustic has always interested me,but I haven't given it a go. Probably won't happen for a while now with the babes. I love your plaster base piece-very cool texture. Don't give up just yet!!!

  4. Each of these pieces are wonderful. They really need to be seen in person. I know they were way out of your box. But they really are fantastic.. Birdcage is my favorite

  5. Really love the blue color behind the bird cage. The colors behind the bird cage really speak to me. I am all about hearts. Thanks for sharing!


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