Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tiny Geisha and Buddha Houses

These tiny houses were a total blast for an assemblage fan like me.  I was able to alter these small shrines in a very short time frame, which is rare for my mixed media pieces.  It always seems like I am waiting for glue to set!

I made the geisha house first.  Inspiration struck as I was sifting through my trusty box of Alpha Stamps images.  I was simply looking for something that was the proper scale.  When I stumbled upon this picture, my theme quickly took shape.  Check out all the goodies I used here.

To add dimension and age I mounted the picture on a domino.  I then used distress techniques to give my focal age by sanding and adding ink.  Interest was added to my brass elements as well.  I used liquid pearls and gilders paste which are some of my go to products for altering metal bits.  

The smaller of the two houses holds a tiny Buddha.  To hide the hold in the bead, a brad was glued in.  I also had to put something inside of my flower to prop my head up like I wished.  This shrine is trimmed with the tiniest of butterflies and lovely Dresden border.  You can also see that I altered my flower with copper and white gilders paste, with a little liquid pearls in the center.  

I am so enthralled with making these tiny houses that I am participating a in swap for them through Retro Cafe Art.  The deadline is not until May, so there is lots of time to play!




  1. Very sweet pieces. Hope you bring them Wednesday.

  2. Oh dear...they are so cute and very pretty. Impressive work you made !!!
    Thank you for sharing !!
    Hugs from Spain


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