Friday, March 22, 2013

Bunny Dome

One of my recent scores in an Alpha Stamps design team kit was this great plastic dome.  There were also lots of other spring goodies tucked in the package, so that became the theme of my cute little dome.  All of the items used can be found here.

I started out by making a nice mossy borough for my little rabbits.  The back of the piece is built up a bit to maximize the height of the inside.  The flowers were actually added for tallness as well.  I tried to go without them, but it looked too empty inside.  

The bottom was covered in decorative tape and stickels.  I attempted to cover up all of the black plastic base.  I wish I had tried some ribbon or something with a bit more texture.

You may notice that some of the metal is colored.  I used liquid pearls to add a bit of sheen to mother rabbit as well as the baby carrots.   Those tiny rabbits are brads, if you can believe it.  I loved them so much, they were gone in moments.  

Even though I have been posting of spring, it still eludes us here in Michigan.  I am more than ready for the change! 




  1. A very sweet piece - evocative of the spring I keep telling myself will come eventually.

  2. Beautiful piece. Love the whole thing..especially the mushrooms and bunnies
    susan s


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