Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to my creative roots

I have to say that making all these Chotski pins had me hankering for bead work.  This is where I started on my creative path.  In fact, I have a very clear memory of the first time I beaded as a young girl.  I was at a baby sitters house and I made a white and clear seed bead bracelet on a piece of dental floss. 

Pictured above are some of the Chotski Pins I pins I have made.  I seriously can't stop making them.  The one on the bottom I had "completed" previously, but after blogging about it and seeing the pictures I decided it was not done.  I use hardware such as washers, nuts and bolts alongside charms, broken jewelry, Tim Holtz embellishments and found objects.  I have also used odd watch parts and hardware that I have no idea what the correct use is.  They are so fun and eclectic.   

As promised I will be randomly choosing one lucky winner for one of these pins, as promised on a previous post.   I will be doing the drawing this evening, so there is still time to enter. I think I may join in another round of swapping these dandies over at Red Lead too.

Since I was so inspired from the use of all my old tools, I stopped in a local bead shop and picked up a few strands of affordable pearls.  I whipped this out in no time and hope to make an additional complimentary necklace today. 

A huge thanks to Red Lead for all this inspiration!


  1. Fab chotski pins Rhea, I took part in an altered charm swap recently, to make charms for these pins, and it was great fun. I love all of the pieces that you've made. Judith xx

  2. Pretty bracelet...did you make the matching necklace yet? I love making beaded jewelry. I find it very cathartic. Have you ever tried making chainmail? I thought that it would be horrible to do, but once I got the hang of it, I whipped out a necklace and bracelet in an afternoon. You should try it sometime, and maybe hang some of your charms off of some of the links.


  3. The chotsky pins are delightful. I love the delicacy of the lovely pearl bracelet.


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