Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Really Mixed Media

Well, I have to say that since starting to blog and attend a few altered art groups, my creative circle has expanded considerably.  I just love spending time with and learning from like minded individuals.  I am so grateful for my growing artist community.  Recently, via the wonderful world wide web, I connected with a fantastic steampunk artist named Tashera Jean.  We decided to set up a swap, lucky me!

She reported to me that she likes robots, cute robots.  Now, I am not into robots, but I knew I had some goodies from my latest estate sale that would make for a good robot.  I did send her a mock up to ensure that he was "cute" enough.  Here is what I came up with.

I started with a 12x12 canvas.  I used several spray inks, glimmer mists, distress inks and perfect pearls in the background.  I then added my bits for the horizon.  When doing this I realized I needed a sealer, as the glue was lifting the color from the canvas.  I used wax for postal seals and dripped it all over for more texture.  I really like this little touch.  The body was wired on.  This is a backing from a large clock movement.  In fact, most of the metal pieces are all from clocks.  I love the bell.  To make this piece interactive I tied on a charm that is able to move so you can ring the bell.  Cute!

I have no idea what the head was.  It was in with my watch parts from the estate sale and makes a fair robot head, in my humble opinion. It is made of wood.  Texture was added with inks and glimmer mist.  Large metal buttons layered with gears, washers and beads make for some industrial eyes.  The object the robot is holding is a former pendulum.  Perhaps it is a balloon, an umbrella, a robot toy, who knows...I am just happy to have found a use for it!

I also made a small trinket box for Tashera, the robot loving recipient.  I want to be sure that it is a fair trade, as her stuff is just awesome.  This was an old vintage tin that I embellished with embossed metal and tissue tape.  Easy peasy.  I sincerely hope she likes her stuff.  She has been amazing to work with, as we have had a ton of communication about the owl necklace she is making for me. 

Another project I just completed is a Chotski Pin.  This was created for a swap sponsored by Red Lead.  This was so super easy and quick to create.  I was so happy to dip into my jewelry making strategies and stash.  I see a few more of these in my future.  I am not sure I will send this one for a swap, or hang on to it as I really like the result.


  1. I love them all! The robot is super cute. Great way to expand your creativity.

  2. Love it! That chotchi pin is fabulous

  3. Rhea, you are on a roll! All 3 pieces are wonderful. I love the pin: Definitely going to get me some of those!

  4. Very cool! The robot really IS cute; the box is fun; and the pin is delightful.

  5. The robot is adorable... lucky recipient. Ohhh chotski pins.. they are so much fun. Love the one you made.... your going to get hooked on making them and charms...

  6. FUN Stuff...Love the box and pin!!! :) and the book below....ok I'm off to look some more...won't comment on everything or I'd be here all day!! Love you ART!!!

  7. Your creations are very steampunk and Creative!!! Keep it up!!! XOXO


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