Monday, May 23, 2011

More Jewelry and Charms too

Well I finished up my complimentary necklace for the pearl one I recently posted.  I despise having my photo taken, but I did it so you all could see how they work together. I really enjoy making sets of necklaces like this so that can be worn together or separate.  I also love how you can move the clasp around to change the looks. Very versatile!  I guess I did get a little bit of sun yesterday while doing some of that pesky yard work.

I also recently finished up a charm swap for a local group of crafty pals.  They ended up getting two from me, as I did not reread the swap requirements before setting down to make them.  My original charms were the metal found object ones made with Tim's stuff, watch parts, and various odd metal items.  Unfortunately they were bigger than the size limit of 1.25 inches.  I am just glad I caught it before getting a bad swapper reputation with my gal pals.  The participants get the prize anyway, as I am sending them both along.  The second charm was made using these fantastic glass domes, Graphics 45 paper, stickels and metal flashing tape.  I punched a circle of flashing tape to "seal" the back of the charm.  I hope everyone enjoys!

Lastly, for my trusty readers, thanks again for participating in my blog giveaway!  I had an amazing 59 entries in my contest to win a Chotski Pin.  I used to choose a winner.  The 27th commenter was B-Jo.   I have notified her via email and hopefully she will respond soon.  If I don't hear from her within a week, I will draw again. 




  1. Fab charms, love those glass domes. Your complimentary necklace is great, Judith xx

  2. Yeah!!!!! I'm one of the lucky local crafty pals.. They are fab!!!!!!

  3. The necklaces look beautiful together. The charms are delightful (I can not even remember the number of times I have misread directions and sent off two swap items instead of one).


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