Monday, January 20, 2014

Couture Letterbox Tray

Today I decided to celebrate my day off with an art project done just for me.  It has been ages since I have made art not intended for one of my design teams, and I have to say the project came together effortlessly.

I embraced the full color palate of the Couture paper line by Graphic 45.  It has some really lovely sentiments and messages that are good reminders as I am taking better care of my physical body.  Hopefully soon the efforts will be able to be seen in my own new style.  It is coming this year: 40...and I hope to be fabulous and not that other f word.

This "couture" stand is made from an old sewing machine part and a piece of Graphic 45 chipboard.  I just love using unique things in my stash to make a project have my own individual flair.

In the "classy" box above I used an old shoe clip to back the card stock sticker.  This made for great texture and added another great fashion themed embellishment.

I added a precious typewriter key along with a few black vintage snaps I had in my stash.  Again, the snaps made for a great re-purposed decoration in this assemblage.

In this cubby I added a bezel from Spellbinders I filled with Ice Resin.  I stuck this word right on top of the saying "Isn't she lovely."  It is a good secret reminder for me to remember and believe that sentiment.  A vintage button, a few more snaps and one of the great new shabby chic staples finished out this section of the piece.

More reminders to accept myself and remember by beauty.

I thought the crown was fitting for this saying from Coco Chanel.

To finish out my tray, I peppered in lots of color with a few bunches of paper flowers.  I think this element really makes the piece pop and gives the eyes places to wander. 

Thank you so much for stopping by.  It was so much fun to create something just for me!




  1. OMG that is absolutely beautiful!! I've been getting so many good ideas from swap bot & other places & this is so gorgeous! Very inspiring!

  2. Beautiful, Rhea! I love that your work is not only lovely, but has meaning to you. Congrats on your road to fabulousness!

  3. Another delightful piece. And, I'm very happy to see that you got to make something for yourself.

  4. This is gorgeous! So many things to look at. Brilliant!

  5. AMAZING ART! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your repurposing, secret meanings, imagination, & workmanship! This made me look at the blank "tray" with a fresh, new perspective. Very inspiring piece :) Now I'm kicking myself in the butt for throwing out that typewriter my mom used when she was young! Just seeing the 2 key brought back so many memories of typing my school papers with it as a child (also turning 40 this year!). If you remember using this you had to literally "hunt & peck" at the keys & give each one a very hard push to get those long arms to move, lol! My dad threw it out when he bought me a word processor. I remember feeling so special with my new state-of-the-art machine! The excitement of having the ability to review each line to prevent any mistakes before it was typed. yippee! Thank you so much for that little piece of nostalgia! :)


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