Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tiny Gypsy Shrine

I made this little shrine a while ago, and I forgot had not yet posted it.  I have been lagging in my art production of late, but I hope to get some inspiration this weekend.  I was quite happy to find something to post as I was enjoying a lazy Saturday morning online.

The base of this tiny creation is an exquisite shrine from Alpha Stamps.  The blue tint comes from my favorite, guilders paste.  A layer of acrylic paint and then some kromocrackle and I had a really nice textured shrine base to work with. 

Brass Filigree Corners, that were also altered with paste and paint, were added to the top portion of the shrine.  Adding this type of brass finding to any project is a simple way to add a very nice detail.  The imagery also comes from Alpha Stamps.  I love the scale of this particular sheet as the images are much smaller.

Since the shrine kits has layers, I wanted to cover up some of the evidence of construction.  I used a bit of tissue tape and then added layers of paint and patina color.  Another small detail is a bit of trim added for another layer of texture.  

I hope to head into my creative cave today and play with the gypsies a bit more as I am participating in a gypsy swap through Alpha Stamps.  Sometimes having something I "have to do" helps get me out of a creative rut...which I have been in for some time. 

Bring on the gypsy mojo!




  1. Beautiful job Rhea as always I might add.Love the bluish tone and antique effect..lovely.
    susan s.

  2. What a wonderful piece. love the gilders paste. here's to some creative mojo for both of us today.

  3. I love this! I need to get some gilder's paste!

  4. It's a lovely piece. I can see it tucked away in a Gypsy caravan, pulled out in twilight and looked lovingly upon by an older man with sweet memories.

  5. Rhea, I am gob-smacked by the beautiful pieces of art you created and the way you sent it out abondoned. I wish I could follow the rest of the story.
    Thanks for the warmth you gave my heart today.
    Love, Liz
    Liz Walters
    Prescott, AZ


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