Sunday, August 26, 2012

My little lady of Guadalupe

I am digging through stuff that has yet to be posted once again in an attempt to post something!  I continue to struggle with production this month due to precious little free time and lack of mojo.  I have managed to do a few things this weekend for Alpha Stamps so I am confident my creativity is on the mend.

I made this small shrine a while ago.  It was gifted to my mom on my recent vacation to the Upper Peninsula and she really seemed to like it.

I started with the mini door shrine kit.  Other fun Alpha Stamps goodies used include: Virgin of Guadalupe Cameobrass cone feetlace edged bezel and lovely Guadalupe imagery.

You may also notice that I used both copper and patina guilders paste.  I added a few more brass touches with the sparrow's compass and brass corner.  A bit of bronze baroque Dresden border finish off the outside of this tiny piece.  

In order to make a halo around my image, I used a bit of shimmery trim under the focal.  I popped the image off the background by mounting it on a small domino.  This allowed for all the trim to fill the space.  A few tiny flowers were glued into the foreground of the inside.  I had to be sure that what I put inside still left clearance for the door to close.  

It may be hard to read in these photos, but I selectively used a bit of stickles to add some magic to the Virgin. 

It warms my heart to know my mom has this little bit my art stashed away somewhere!




  1. Beautiful Rhea. stunning. i am originally from New mexico and this art is awesome and even makes me home would do well in Santa Fe.
    susan s.

  2. beautiful! such a great gift. and your talk of Michigan makes me homesick. I am from where you are now and miss the seasons, and especially the upcoming holiday, as it is my family reunion.

  3. What a wonderful gift.. your mom will treasure it

  4. It's a lovely shrine. Of coure your mother is happy with it. Hope things are slowing down at work and you're finding more time for art.

  5. I love this, Rhea! So lovely and such a sweet gift. I've gotta check out Alpha Stamps. Cool stuff! Hope all is well.

  6. This is so beautiful. It seems and looks so magical.Im positive your mum will LOVE's a gorgeous gift.


    Do drop by on my blog as well!

    Love your blog!


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