Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gypsy Love with full Art Abandon

I recently posted this sweet little gypsy love shrine on my blog.  It is a simple piece, and if you choose you can read a bit more about it here.

I received a very thoughtful comment on my blog post from a faithful follower, Joanne Huffman.  She stated, "It's a lovely piece. I can see it tucked away in a Gypsy caravan, pulled out in twilight and looked lovingly upon by an older man with sweet memories."  

I was struck by what she wrote.  My imagination began to wander and I wanted this little piece to find it's proper home.  I quickly made the decision to abandon my piece of art.  If you are interested in reading more about this fascinating art movement, check out the Facebook page, all are welcome. 


Now, to go with the gypsy theme I knew I wanted a creative wrapper.  I found a handmade doily that I purchased in an auction and I thought I would wrap it up "hobo" style.  A small card was made for the finder with my information as well as the art group's card and email address.  Perhaps the find will be recorded, perhaps not.  It is all about letting it go and not being attached to the outcome.  

I knew that due to the gypsy theme of this piece that I want to set my gypsy love free near train tracks.  A bit of wandering around downtown Kalamazoo and I had found what I thought to be the perfect spot.  Now, while it may not appear so in photos, this is a very busy spot.  You can even see the train tracks in the background too.  Call it coincidence, I even passed a tattoo parlor called "Gypsy Tears" when seeking my not so hidden spot!  I knew I was getting warmer.  This overgrown gated city lot, in the heart of a ton of cool Kalamazoo businesses, looked pretty abandoned and seemed to be the perfect place to leave my little prize behind.  

Perhaps this little Gypsy Love shrine will now find it's proper home.  No matter where it ends up, this was a very fun way to spend a bit of my Sunday morning.  Thanks Joanne and Michael Demeng for all the inspiration. 




  1. What a cool thing to do with your Gypsy art!

  2. That's a neat idea Rhea. Like paying it forward.

  3. I read an article about this movement a year or two ago, but they called it Guerilla Art. I think Art Abandonment sounds so much more romantic.

  4. I love this much fun would it be to find a little treasure made by an unknown artist who left it "just for you" the romance of it!!


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