Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Soul Restoration: part 2

Another pivotal project for me from the Soul Restoration II class was the "Decision Maker."  This is a tool I can see myself using a lot to really change my life and my decisions, minute by minute.  If I can remember to consult it!  Actually the process helped me to realize a ton of things, and I pretty much can recite the questions in my mind.

I did something new when making my tool, I tried sewing.  I had made it up in my head long ago that sewing was too hard and not for me.  My local art pals literally applauded me when I "came out" about my new media, as they knew how serious I was about not venturing into this line of creating.  How fun to break free of a story I made up that no longer suited me and try something new.

I used a bunch of charms that were from a Springtime in Paris themed swap I did a while ago in my Art Charms Group as embellishments.  I did not use all of them, just a few that I created a special meaning for and that matched the palate I had chosen.

Each card is two pieces of scrapbook paper sewn together with two index cards sandwiched inside to make them more sturdy.  I stained the edges to make them look finished as well.

Lots of glitter was added to each card too with stickels.  I think this added a nice texture and shimmer to these cards.  An eyelet was placed in the corner of each piece and then I used a book binding ring to hold the cards and the charms together.

I did have some troubles with tension when sewing my first time out, but I love the rustic look of it all.  I easily embraced my imperfections on my new art elements and pressed on!

We also altered a box to hold our "Decision Maker" and our "Play lists."  My box was purchased at a thrift store for a buck and I just altered it up with gesso, tissue paper and Inka Gold.  A latch and a knob was also added both by 7 gypsies.

I had fun making my "play list" dividers and cards by using the same sewing approach.  The nice thing about combining paper like this, no wrinkling from glue and zero dry time.

Pretty good stuff all from one class!  And yep, there is still one more project to show off.  Stay tuned!




  1. what a great project ...something I ´ll do myself someday ...

  2. It's all beautiful and even more beautiful in person. And, you had enough energy to post last night! All I could do was veg out.

  3. These are gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing I love the sewing good good for you brave girl!

  4. One of the most beautiful things I've seen in a long time.

  5. Rhea, I took that class too. Due to a job commitment I got behind in the projects. I'm still decorating my box. Seeing your amazing work has encouraged me to keep going! Wow, your projects are really gorgeous. I wondered how you got your vision board words colored so thanks for explaining that. And your sewn Decision Maker cards are stunning! I planned on sewing on some of mine but not nearly as creatively as yours. Now I might try that. I can't wait to see your last project, which will no doubt be amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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