Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Soul Restoration: Part 3

The final project I am going to show off from the Soul Restoration II class, is my vision board.  You can read more about this experience in my previous two posts as well.  For this canvas project I tried to use what was on hand and I had some wonderful happy accidents.  That is a beautiful happening in art as far as I am concerned.  

The canvas I chose was not treated with any primer and it was really kind of loosely attached it's frame.  It also has a looser weave than most art canvases I have worked on.  This lends to another element of texture.  I picked it up at one of my discount haunts on the super cheap, I do love an arty bargain.  Instead of working with acrylics, as Melody often does, I used distress stains to color my background.

When I started to glue down my words, cut from magazines, the wet glue reactivated the water based stain and the bits of paper also took on some of the color.  Unintentional art magic, how fun!

Lots of Perfect Pearls mist also adds a lot of glimmer to my little vision board.

I now have this propped up on my vanity so that I am reminded of my vision in several areas of my life.

I hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of the results of my class.  I would highly recommend anything the Brave Girls Club as to offer!  They provide enlightening classes, words of inspiration, as well as lovely trinkets and treasures in their gift shoppe.  These gals know how to take care of their customers and their students.   I dream of one day heading out to the ranch and  enjoying Brave Girls Camp in real life.  Until then, I will happily get my fix online.  This class was so worth it and I am much better for it.  

I just started Body Restoration, which is now open.  I look forward to seeing the healing opportunities in this class as well, because goodness knows they really make a difference.  And yes, I could use some body healing and restoration.    

Thanks to Melody and Kathy and the whole Brave Girls team who makes things happen out there.  Your impact goes much further than you will ever really know.  I look forward to one day seeing the magic in person!




  1. I really hope you get to go to camp. You've made such good art with your online class.

  2. I'm so glad you put your Soul Restoration materials on your blog. Even though I got to admire the work in person, your explanations help me understand the different components of the class much clearer.

  3. Thanks for sharing your Soul Restoration pieces! I love Brave Girls Club and it's wonderful to see someone I know enjoying it in "person"!

  4. Love it! And what a great theme -- "soul restoration".

  5. Beautiful canvas. You must smile every time you see it!


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