Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos Milagros

I am happy to be participating in my first swap with a lovely little charm group.  The theme for this swap is Day of the Dead.  I found the subject matter intriguing so I decided to join in.  I am excited to see the result when everything is swapped out.  I will certainly post when the exchange is complete. 

I now love Milagros.  In researching these little babies I fell in love with all kids of imagery and subject matter related to this topic.  I love learning through my artistic experiences.


The skull beads were scavenged from a Halloween stretchy bracelet found in a big box craft store.  I thought they were perfect for altering. 

I really lucked out with supplies.  The little sequins were actually in my goody bag from Create.  We got two little samples in our early registration goody bags.  I lucked out and was able to snag a few extras when the promoters were cleaning house.  I think they worked well for the project.  The colors were not my first choice, but I made it work. 

I am tempted to doodle the backs of the skulls.  I think it would add such a nice touch, but it will be time consuming for sure. 

I can see these charm swaps being very addicting. 


  1. I have never seen this before Rhea I will be very interested to see the end results of the swap.
    Carol Ann xx

  2. The sequins are the perfect touch. These really look like candy skulls.

  3. Perfect! I'm so glad I signed up--I get one of these goodies! Yippeeeee!

  4. Way cool Rhea! Love Day of the Dead. Glad I'll be getting one for my bracelet too :)

  5. These are great, Rhea! This is going to be a fun swap. I can't wait to add this charm to my bracelet/necklace. Linda Earley

  6. Your sugar skulls are TOO coolio Rhea! And I am extra excited, because I'm signed up for this swap too, so I will be getting one of my own.

  7. What a fantastic idea for using those stretchy skull bracelets. I have a bunch of them from the craft store clearance rack too. These are brilliant. Love, love, love them.


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