Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Mail Art Zine: Complete!

Last year I started in a few different mail art projects.  I was quite excited today to see one of them had a positive outcome, as the finished product arrived in my mailbox today.  It was hosted on Swapbot by Mandy, aka, Farrstar.  You can see how to make a zine such as this on Mandy's blog

We made our book from heavy card stock and simple stitching.  The first pages, below, were completed by me.  I set the tone for the book by writing what I love to hopefully inspire my swap buddies around the world.  I am so pleased to see that they did not even cancel my stamps at the post office.  I had a few special ones I used on this piece as I knew they would come back to me!

To mail, you fold the book closed, tape it well, address it on the outside, then the zine becomes traveling art for all to see.  When the next person gets it, they add their art and fold in half and have a new postcard side and image side.  As you will see, many of us used every inch for traveling art!

I have used some hand made Christmas Ornaments to conceal addresses in these photos. 


The next two pictures are now my cover and my back.  This is how the zine naturally lays due to it's most recent postal adventure.

I just love the big red mailbox as well as the carrier.  These pages have all kinds of postal goodness upon them!  I am happy that these have become the outside of my zine. 

More maps, stamps and air mail stickers, yum.  There are some awesome stamps from down under.  This book traveled far and wide:

The tape used here ended up becoming a part of the art.  Love it!

There are a ton of cool stamps on this page.  I love the background script paper.  The pages below are done by our hostess, Mandy.   


Very interesting imagery used here.  I love the tapes used.  I am obsessed with decorative tape! 

The big scalloped edges made to look like a stamp are a really nice element to this set.  I love the stenciled letters too. 

 Another favorite, above.  The stamped image of the pen nibs is to die for.  The palate is something I would totally do and there are quite a few artistamps on here. 

This set has nice colors that are out of my usual range.  The bizarre imagery makes me smile.   

And this concludes this project, at least in my book.  I still have two or three more zines to work in before this adventure is totally complete.  What a great group of people.  This took some serious time and commitment and the results are totally worth it!




  1. That is so fun.. What an adventure it had..

  2. WOW, That looks like a huge amount of work. fabulous book!!!!

    Hugs Lynn

  3. You'll have to bring this to the next Mavens meeting. It looks very intriguing.

  4. It came out super!! I see that they didn't cancel my stamps either! Thanks for playing!

  5. What a wonderful book!Really love all the artwork in it with the postal motif and especially all the stamps!

  6. Very very cool! I've been admiring the pieces of various books as they've appeared in Mandy's photo stream. Makes me wish I'd been a part of it!


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