Friday, September 23, 2011

I love snail mail

So I recently blogged about getting my completed mail art zine here.  I just received another issue to work in and I was super inspired.  I managed to get it yesterday, and it is is the mail today.  I just love how projects like these help push me into creating. 

The theme for this little book is snail mail.  It would seem that we were all inspired with a literal translation of the theme as there are super cute snails in every entry.  As you will see, I followed suit.


I had cut out a different "shell" all together, my messy craft table helped a new shell to be made, and I am much happier with the outcome.  As many of you know, I love clocks and time imagery.  How fun to incorporate a snail's pace into my contribution.  The transparency clock shows some vintage ephemera below from an old adding machine workbook.  I also used a bunch of rub ons.  Super fun, easy and spontaenous work. 

Here is the front.  Please excuse the found objects keeping all the addresses confidential!  I love the stamps I used on here and how they go with the nature meets mail theme. 

When making this page I tried a new technique that I just adore.  The base color background is color wash and glimmer mists.  I wanted to add some texture, so I busted out a new stencil.  I was so inspired by stencils used at my recent creative retreat.  The one shown here was by Martha Stewart (she has bunches of new stencils at the big box stores).  Now the fun part...I used vintage photo distress stain with the stencil.  Heaven!  So easy to apply and super easy clean up.  Here is a photo before I added all the other layers...


I hope this post inspires you to get out those stencils.  They are so much fun!




  1. This is really great - gonna pull out some stencils tomorrow. : )

  2. I just received some stencils and now have the limited edition seasonal distressed inks - how did you apply the inks to the stencils? I've tried just dabbing from the pad to my stencils, but it doesn't work well at all! Thanks :)


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