Sunday, March 13, 2011

A journey begins

I am excited to start another round robin journal swap.  I am currently in two that are wrapping up and I am excited to see the outcome.  I intend to document my participation in this one here in my new creative little world. 

Above is the inside cover of my book.  This journal came from a garage sale.  It was made by an artist, I picked up three of them and I wish I got more.  The pages are filled with interesting paper; college handouts, magazine images and other office ephemera.  I have encouraged my partners to add to the cover, we shall see if they take the bait.  

The piece that is covering my address is a chunky book page that I am working on.  It needs something else still...

These are two of my favorite envies, created just for me.  I am showcasing my swap buddies art in my journal.  The theme is mail art, which really can be interpreted in so many ways.  I have attached them so that the pocket is still intact.  I just love pockets! I love making books, and journals, and art!  Anyhow, I have tucked in a little card that I embossed and inked.  Inside is a list of all my swapping gals.  I also have a letter tucked inside the other side.  It is written on vintage ledger paper and tucked in an old air mail envie.  My wish is for my partners to take creative liberty and add to any part of the book...

The back of the book is filled with more recycled mail, stickers, stamps, tissue tape and book pages.  Such a fun start to a very cool little project.  Stay tuned to see my entries in more mail art journals that are traveling the world. 

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