Monday, May 25, 2015

Bezel Maddness

So my loyal followers will know that I have an amazing crafty outlet store close at hand.  Well a recent score at said score evolved into a full day of inspiration and fun.  I managed to get a giant bottle of Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos for only $12.50 when it retails for fifty dollars.  With my trusty UV light I set out to layer it up and boy did I have fun!

As you can see I was quite productive.  I just could not stop once inspiration struck and the product was so simple to use, no mixing!  Now, I love my Ice Resin, but the swiftness of this product for the purpose of layering was just awesome.

Other mixed media supplies used included a ton of Iced Enamels, Art Ingredients (glass glitter, micro beads, mica) Vintaj patinas and gilders paste. 

The one pictured above turned out really cute.  It is so outside of my go to colors and I am proud of myself for being brave and embracing these vibrant colors.  I used turquoise Iced Enamels in the background and Heidi Swap embellishments. Her product stood up well to the resin as they are plastic.

This bezel was inspired by the charm that I found while rooting through my drawers of junk.  I thought that a Dymo label would stand up well to the resin and I was right.  I think adding text in this manner with resin is perfect. In this one I also used some of Finnabair's Art Ingredients.  The tiny silver beads look great suspended in two separate layers of resin.

Another sample with a Dymo Label reads "love" above.  On this one I used the Iced Enamels on the outside of the bezel.  The distressed look is perfect for my style.  These other small projects have all kinds of junk inside: keys, watch parts, washers, glass glitter and shattered mica. 

One feature I really liked with this system was the quickness of the resin set up with the help of the UV light.  I was able to create layers and layers very quickly this way by systematically working on several pieces at a time.

Another experiment with color below.  The turquoise, red and black reminds me of Day of the Dead and I am sure I will find a project for it someday!

I kept the one above on top super simple and just layered different types of shattered mica.  I think may add a rub on sentiment eventually, it is crying out for just a little bit more, as is the faux Drusy below that I experimented with.  I can never leave well enough alone when it comes to my art!

This was such a fun day of pure artistic play, it energized me in so many ways!




  1. And he fun is just beginning. Can't wait to see your final project!

  2. Hiya Rhea,

    I just have to say WOW! The designs are absolutely gorgeous, they really have this magical charm to them.
    The usage of Dymo tape was definitively a really creative and cool choice.

    This project is Dymo approved and I look forward to the end result!

    With best regards,
    Jesper K

  3. Looking forward to seeing these in person.


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