Sunday, May 24, 2015

Steampunk Santos Doll

This project has been in the making for quite some time.  I started it when I recently made a large order from Retro Art Cafe, where I got the doll base.  

The caged portion of the doll is covered in turquoise Iced Enamels.  I love the shabby metal look it gives.  Since I did not seal it with resin as intended, it chipped a little, but I liked the effect. 

On the bottom of the doll I added lots of fun things. Strings and scraps from Sari ribbon, gears, hearts and even some old vacuum tubes.  A few customized bezels were also added for movement and additional meaning.

My project finally came together once I got some stuff from B'sue Boutiques.  I had been having trouble with the face of my doll, but with this lovely brass stamping my gal finally found her personality.  

I enhanced the face with Vintaj patinas, gilders paste and some stickels. I think it ended up working out quite well.  You can also see another custom bezel is tied on here with some more Sari ribbon, which was from B'sue as well.  I really loved it more than I would ever imagine, with it's bright vivid colors.

I liked the shape of the hearts as well as the colors I chose.  Here I layered on three similar elements to create interest and depth.  It is always good to repeat patterns.

The wings of my steampunk Santos doll are enhanced with Inka Gold, stenciling and lots of gilders paste.  I even edged some things out with graphite to be sure I had good definition. 

This was a super fun project for me that is really outside of my usual work, but I really enjoyed it.  I hope you did too!



  1. I love your Santos!!!! I use my B'Sue stuff in my mixed media stuff as well

  2. I love her, so much to look at and enjoy! You did a fabulous job Rhea!

  3. I can't wait to meet her in person and see what she hides under her skirt!

  4. She's fabulous Rhea! I especially love her cage. So many awesome things happening!

  5. Rhea what an awesome Santos Steampunk Doll. !!!! Gosh.. What a lot of work and all the details. They all turned out perfect. You are so creative and very talented.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this fab ART WORK.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain


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