Saturday, November 8, 2014

Traverse City inspired Necklace Suite

I recently traveled to Traverse City, Michigan for a conference for work.  While I was there I stopped in a delightful bead shop that I usually check out when I am in town Nawbin Beads.  They have the most lovely shop.  

I was really attracted to several strands of jasper and jade.  They reminded me of the fall leaves combined with the beachy nudes and blues.

I purposely made several necklaces, meant to be worn layered or singly.  I even tried out asymmetry on the one above, which is always a challenge for me. It actually turned out to be my favorite one.

The focals on both of these statement necklaces were what started the whole project.  I simply found beads to compliment and match.

This last piece is more of a complimentary necklace, meant to be worn with one of the other two as a layer.  It certainly could be worn alone as well.

And here is the entire suite!  Super fun to get back to my jewelry roots.  It has been a while.




  1. These are beautiful! Don't be surprised if you find lots of people staring at your neck, nothing is wrong, they just can't take their eyes off your work.


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