Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cigar Box Inspiration Kit

This month's kit at Alpha Stamps is all about Cigar box sweeties, and I just loved this theme.  I decided to create a fun gift for an artsy pal with my goodies.  

I wanted the receiver to have a bit of art made by me, but I also wanted to include some items as an inspiration kit for him/her to then make something on their own.

I upcycled an old cigar box that I had picked up at a garage sale to hold my kit.  You can see that the box was slightly warped on the left hand side, but I still made it work.

I used lots of new decorative tapes to alter my fun little kit.  Love all the new tiny ones.  The gold striped one is only 3mm thick.

Another item I used here was some of Tim Holtz's cute new arrows.  It is sometimes hard to use the good stuff, but it is worth it in the end.

Inside I have included some embellishments, collage images, scraps of paper and some tags.  I plan to add some more ribbons and such as I get the gift ready to give.

Here you can see the inside of the box a bit more.  I was sure to leave some of the cigar box showing as I like to be able to see the history of the how the piece evolved.  

I hope you enjoyed this post!  It was sure fun to make something while also hopefully inspiring someone to make something else.  




  1. I need to find me some old cigar boxes! wow, that is beautiful, What a gift that would be.

  2. I love how you have recycled this cigar box. You have reinforced the top, too, which will be a big help as it gets opened, I'm sure, a lot, to gaze at all the pretties you have supplied. A gift any would love to receive. Great job!


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