Saturday, September 7, 2013

House of Grace with Kristen Robinson

I finally had a moment to post the last of my classes with Kristen Robinson.  Her inspiration will stay with me a long time though.

In this class we played with mold making, something I have never done before.  It really was quite simple to make them, and I can see it opening a whole new realm of possibility in terms of using those things I really treasure in a new way.

Kristen brought a paperclay heart already dry for us to work with.  Since I decided to do a series of three hearts, I made a few more hearts from her molds in class.

I decided I wanted to add some metal elements, so I rooted through my junk and found lots of fun objects: wings, keys, a pen nib and eclectic scraps.

On this last heart I actually stamped right into the clay when it was wet.  This was a fun technique that evolved as we played in  class. 

I would highly recommend any class that Kristen ever offers in your area.  She was a very kind and generous teacher.




  1. These are wonderful, Rhea. What did you use to "whitewash" the wings and keys?

  2. Gorgeous! Great work, I would like to try this now, thanks! :)

  3. And, they're even more beautiful in real life.


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