Friday, September 13, 2013

Bohemian Bazaar Box

I was inspired to make this quick and easy box after indulging in a guilty pleasure, a fancy make-up set.  The colors on the box reminded me of Bohemian Bazaar and I decided I could work with the palate.  With school right around the corner, this would make a perfect pencil box at the desk of any teen. 

To start off, I picked out my papers and took some measurements.  Nothing had to be perfect, since I decided to embrace the colors present in the box and let the edges show. 

To create interest on the top, I matted the title page of the paper with a contrasting paper that had a small print.

I used scor tape throughout this project.  I love that it is ready for you when you want, and there is zero dry time!

Next, I started to play with the layout of my embellishments.  I always try to plan things out so that I have balance with color, as well as content.

In order to give my resin pieces a little more interest, I used Vintaj Patina.  I simply added it in a few spots and then wiped it off, letting a bit of the color stay in the crevices.

A heavy craft glue was used to adhere my flowers and corners.

And here is the finished box.  I left the inside unaltered, as I intended this to be a school/pencil box.  The sturdy plastic coated paper will take the wear and tear of lose markers, uncapped pens and pencil shavings come September.

I gifted this little prize to one of my artsy pals, Brittney.  She is fun and vibrant just like my little treasure box. I hope you found a bit of inspiration in this post. 




  1. That's gorgeous Rhea, what a super way to re-use such a nice box. :)

  2. Lucky girl... another fun piece. I can see all kinds of treasure kept in there.

  3. Oh WOW, such much inspiration. This box has several uses but what a great idea for a teen to have sitting on her desk.

  4. Love the palette and energy of this. What a fun box!


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