Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A few bits from Brave Girl Art School

I recently took another class from Brave Girls Club called Art School.  This was a great online format that allowed us to work at our own pace on a variety of projects.  I was not able to do all of them, but I still took a lot from the class and found the inspiration fantastic.  Today I am writing to show off just a few highlights from the class. 

This piece was actually done long ago.  Melody's lesson on sign making inspired me to add the "Be Free" to simply add text this existing piece. I like it even more now.

I almost did not do this lesson at all because I simply had never played with polymer clay.  The world works in mysterious ways though, and some of my local art pals invited me over for a clay play date and I got to put my Art School lesson to work.  It was certainly fun to try, but I am not sure that this is a medium that I will often go too.  Please note, there were several pieces I was not quite brave enough to share.

And this piece....I was so not going to post it, because I think it is horrible.  It is a shame, because it came from one of my favorite lessons from the course.  I decided to be brave and show it off it as we all have mistakes, pieces that are never done and things that just don't turn out sometimes.  This is one of them for me.  I may still play with it a bit.  I cannot tell you how many layers are under this from me trying to save it though...perhaps it was just not meant to be saved. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few little bits from my latest online venture.  I highly recommend any of the courses offered at Brave Girls Camp!  Someday I hope to take them "in real life" out at the camp!




  1. I think your work is just gorgeous!! I have no clue why you think that last piece is not good. I think it is fantastic!!!

    I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work!

    Happy Crafting

  2. They are beautiful Rhea..I love them both.There are no mistakes in this form of art..just art.
    susan s

  3. Me thinks you are too hard on yourself. I thought the flowers in the vase was great. I love the texture.

  4. I enjoyed seeing all your work! And the one you like the least is so good, so dimensional that I feel like I could pick the vase up and set it on my desk! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I agree with the others, that vase is outstanding! Loving all the colors to it. And the picture of the bird cage is beautiful. Loving your little heart and the dove clay pieces, too. You can do no wrong in my eyes, my dear. Thanks for showing us your talents.

  6. This is sooo undescribably lovely! A very play- and joyful piece of art! Love it!

    die amelie x

  7. I have no idea why you don't like your vase. Of course, I like your polymer pieces. The Be Free piece is perfect. These are all excellent.

  8. maybe a sprig or stick
    laid casually across the bottom to break the "staidness"
    as if you were going to put it in the vase next

    or a butterfly looking up trying to decide which flower is the prettiest

    it might be fun to have one of the flowers spin..
    the one with the yellow button perhaps

    its a beautiful picture
    I"m happy to say you're no where close to the ugly stage
    where i get stuck at times

  9. I adore your first piece on this. the colors are gorgeous!
    The second, polymer clay, is such a fun medium! I'm glad you tried it! if you don't think you'd like to go back to it much, maybe this wasn't the perfect poly clay technique for you. they turned out neat though. love the suns!
    The last one, I think, is great, but maybe your dislike for it has something to do with the brightness? I've noticed you like to use a lot of browns, and steampunk/shabby chic tones. maybe a light sponging of brown ink or thinned paint on the border, allowing the yellow to frame and highlight the center, while pulling the whole thing together? maybe a coppery or brozie shiny type brown, just dabbled. I could definitely be wrong, but I think that would suit your work style very well, and maybe make it something you like more. you've done such a lovely job on it so far. I'd hate to have you hate something you put that much work into. (though I've totally been there!)(hmm... id coming up as unknown. I'm dreamerkins on swapbot).


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