Sunday, July 24, 2011

Faux Ostrich Journal

I am squeaking in at the last minute for Linda's Grungy Monday challenge, as inspired by none other than Tim Holtz.  A few weeks ago I created my first tutorial, making faux leather.  Well, while blogging I had the "aha" moment to try and use my polka dot grungeboard in this application to create a faux ostrich leather. 

I think I was kind of successful.  One thing I did to attempt to get the dots to show more was run the kraft covered grungeboard through my Big Shot after gluing.  Be careful you don't have too much glue though, mine squished out the edges, making a bit of an unexpected mess.  Also, be sure to put a piece of scrap paper between the "kraftboard" and your plates.  One of my covers has the imprints of my die cutting plates...learn from my error.  I just put this on the back. :) 

The color is not what I had intended at all.  I introduced some color wash to the mix and this really darkened it.  I found the key to get the dots to really show, was to apply my ink, dry, sand and then ink again.  I repeated this many times, misting with water at times as well too. 

While I am not totally satisfied with this project, I thought that the idea...and my mistakes my help out another crafter.



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