Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fate it is...

In my life I have heard the question many times, but in the past month the volume has significantly increased.

"Do you sell your art?"

I typically say no and list a few of the many excuses my ego makes up.  Well not this time.  I am going to say yes for once and see what happens.  I imagine it will be fun, simple and easy. 

This is the first piece I have made with the pure intention of selling.  I am calling it Fate.  Sometimes it is hard to let go of my work, this time I am.  It can also be difficult to let go and just trust fate, this time I am. 

Don't you just love a beautiful metaphor? 

I love the imagery and the thought of "home."  I also am finding I like to weave this theme into my work.  This was the jumping point of this assemblage.  The clock, ever present in my art, represents time as well as the proverbial biological clock.  The box contains a tiny secret of mine.  The light represents ideas and energy.  The crow for me is the spiritual aspect of death, change, transition.  I chose the small compass to symbolize direction and forward movement.  The pencil, a reminder that you can always rewrite your life, as I am doing now by starting a new chapter.  I have had a "thing" for the winged heart since back in the 80's.  To me this is love in motion, a joyful spirit, divine love. 

The bottles each contain some tiny bits.  One of them, another nod to time with watch parts. This also reminds me that there are many pieces that make up the whole, or all that is.  The other bottle contains a little sand and a bit of parchment.  The number 13 to me is like the crow, it is the spiritual aspect of rebirth.  While many may think of the bad omen of both these totems, I choose to see them in another way, much like the junk I uses in my art. The key to me is a nod to knowledge, a rite of passage, mystery.  The jacks are there to remind us of simplicity and fun.  I topped the piece off with a quote that befits the piece well, "Sometimes fate and your dreams can collide."  Will they this time?

I am going to do my best to make this a joyful experience and I will try to not be attached to the outcome.   After all, if it does not sell, I get to keep it and I happen to think it is pretty cool.  I think this will be a fun experiment. 

I will be sending this, along with a few other pieces off with some friends at the Rusty Rabbit who are going to be doing summer sales the French Markets in the Chicago area.  Stay tuned to see more pieces heading out...and see what fate has in store for my inner artist.   


  1. Wonderful. I love it. You are a true artist and I feel the same about my work. It is like selling a child, how do you put a price on a labour of love and will the recipient love it as much as I do? Thank you for a great installment.

  2. Very cool piece Rhea. Good luck with the sales venture...I'm sure someone will snatch this beauty up.

  3. Fabulous piece and good luck with the selling of your treasures!

  4. Rhea,I am beyond thrilled with your choice to follow you heart and your dreams. It will take you to beautiful places, no doubt. As with all of your pieces, this is pure Artistry...but it is also so much more than that. I feel a deep connection with this piece and it's meaning. It touched me very deeply. You are an amazing artist..and a beautiful soul. I am a huge fan and look forward to becoming a collector. <3

  5. Your only problem is going to be that your full time job is going to get in the way of making your art! This piece will sell the first day!

  6. Your piece is delightful and sure to sell quickly.

  7. Not surprised it sold quickly Rhea. I love it.

  8. wow, this piece is so beautiful and I love your explanations! Congrats on the sale! I just bought my first home and am sorry I missed this!!


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