Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vintage Cannibal

So I love to seek out cool stuff.  It is becoming more and more of a passion as my mixed media addiction evolves at an alarming rate.  It is probably not a coincidence that my dad is an antique dealer and organizes estate sales. 

Well today I was working in my Charlotte office.  On the way into work I noticed a large sale.  Of course I had to run over there at lunch.  I made two purchases. I got this old typewriter (for three dollars!) as well as an very large printers tray (boy does it need cleaning).

I could not wait to get home to start taking this guy apart.  I have to say, it was way more work, and way harder than I would have imagined.  My hands are aching for sure.  It was so worth it though.  I not have a ton of cool typewriter junque to make neato steampunky stuff with. 

The keys are going to be great, they are not glass ones, but they are cool nonetheless.  The carriage I will probably keep mostly intact. The metal "ruler" for margins is awesome.  I think the key arms and the stamp arms will be able to be used for something, I have a creepy project in mind.  The tops of the ribbon holder will make good pieces as well.  There are a few gears, brackets and other objects I intend to incorporate into some steampunk projects. I did not get it all the way apart yet.  I still have a little way to go, but I am almost there.    

Speaking of steampunk, I was hopping around the blogiverse and stumbled upon a giveaway for a book that looks really cool.  It is over at Aileen's blog, she is giving away a copy of 1000 Steampunk Creations.  I am hopeful to win a copy so I can be inspired to use some of my new junque.


  1. I love all that cool antique-y stuff also! I was at a craft show awhile ago and saw some work that someone was doing with old typewriter keys. It was fabulous. I'm sure you will have a blast making some awesome creations with your finds!

  2. Such a great find! I am coveting your typewriter.


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