Saturday, July 18, 2015

Finnabair classes!

I was so excited when I discovered that a scrapbook shop called Scrappy Chic in Livonia, Michigan was going to be hosting Finnabair in July. I decided to have a little art binge and take all the classes and I am so glad I did.  So here I am fresh from two full days of fun, with four classes total and I am here to show off my work.

First up was "Daydreamer."  This was a collage on canvas using darker effects, which I absolutely loved.

As you can see Frida Kahlo was my focal.  I recently went and saw the Frida and Diego exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, so I took lots of inspiration from there. I thought she was the perfect subject for the large headdressess that are signature Finnabair sytle.

The next course was called Over Emotional.  I liked having the chance to stretch myself a bit with an alternate color palate and style. While I don't think it is something I would repeat in terms of color, I am pleased with the outcome.

On of my favorite tricks used in lots of classes lately is adding some pencil at the end.  It is amazing how this small element can really change the level of detail on a piece. You can see some of my doodling at the bottom here.

So much rich and fun texture.  There is so much for the eye to take in on every one of these projects.

The start of day two was a Rich and Textured Layout class (gasp).  I don't think that there has ever been a layout on my blog, because this is just not my thing.  I decided to go with it anyway since I had traveled for the classes and I was glad I did.  There were still lots of techniques and products to try out.  The kits for the classes were beyond amazing, I am so pleased with what I still have left!

The image here came from my dad's stash.  Since he is an antique dealer he has a ton of junk.  I told him about my project and I got a slew of fun cabinet cards to play with! Score!

Last up was the ARTifact.  This was clearly my favorite, with no people to worry about as I am actually not much for featuring people in my work.  Anyhow, the focal here was a paintbrush, again provide by going through dad's junk.  Lots of fun industrial touches were added by the way of gears, nuts, bolts and even some great metal wings.

What an amazing two days of artful bliss!  Thanks so much to Scrappy Chic and of course to Finn for a beautiful presentation of classes. I am so glad I made the trip.




  1. Wow, awesome projects. That surely must have been really fun classes to take and see everyone elses take on the same thing. I really love the textures and colors you got on Over Emotional. Also love how you incorporated the paint brush into your work, I know my husband has one with curled bristles that would be fun to work with. Thanks so much for sharing your projects.

  2. Loved creating with you for 2 days-great projects and wonderful classes too

  3. Projetos fantásticos!!! Fico só admirando, pois estou tão longe e nunca vou poder fazer uma classe Finnabais. Parabéns!
    Eu sou Marlei... do Brasil... e deixo meu abraço.

  4. Have 1 of the stamp sets. Your work is just wonderful and inspiring. Wish I lived near the classes.I

  5. wow-wow, this are great artworks, wonderful stemapunk-. and mixed media-art!!!
    many greetings

  6. All of your Finnabair-inspired art pieces are just fabulous! I wish Anna could have swung by Oregon; I would have taken all of her classes, too. I love Finnabair-inspired art! Thanks for sharing:)


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