Thursday, June 25, 2015

Abandoned Art!

I had made this project quite awhile ago for Graphic 45 and it was recently shared in my awesome farewell post.  I could not believe the outpouring of love and comments, it is something I will certainly treasure.  Anyhow, I decided that this project needed to be abandoned in the wild for someone else to enjoy! It always feels good to put a little love out into the world.

What started as a Facebook Group has evolved to an "art movement" with "art abandoneers" all across the world.  There is even a book that has been published! It is really fun to see the amazing things that people leave as a beautiful random act of kindness.

I had been carrying around my little house for several days with the intent to leave it somewhere, but I could not find the right spot.  My day job took me to Lansing for a meeting and I had the idea to see if I could drop it in a really urban location.  This interactive art piece was a perfect spot. There is a tag on the back of the project explaining that it is free art and contact information to report their experience if they choose.

Here are additional photos of my project.  I love the roof that I made with a die cut by Tim Holtz, it turned out so super cute.

There is lots of metal added to the front of this little fairy house.  I also used a lot of fussy cutting and flowers to add more texture and interest.  

I sure hope that someone out there is enjoying their little bit of abandoned art!



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  1. It'll be interesting to learn of your little house's new home.


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