Saturday, June 15, 2013

Well Traveled Shadowbox Book

When these shadowbox books by Tim Holtz came out I knew I would absolutely have to make one.  Lucky for me, Alpha Stamps decided to carry them, so I got to create one just for them!

I love the brass frame I used to encase some random numbers.  The word "journey" was laid out with cirque alpha stickers. 

Throughout the project I used a ton of Tim's Elements Tissue Tape.  This worked really well for framing my front page out, as well as covering the edges of each little compartment. 

I went with the Well Traveled theme once again since it would compliment my selection of trinkets for the inside.

Sadly, this was the last on of my typo bulbs, they were fun while they lasted!

In these little cubbies you will find a cool brass arrow, a teeny tiny compass, and a perfect clock face to accent the theme.  The wood doors are a nice touch too, I just wish I made them with the ability to open.  Instead, I popped them out a bit by adding some foam behind them to add some depth.

The bigger compass is one of my elements in this project, as I believe it represents direction and purpose.  It was altered a little with the help of silver gilders paste.

The dream placket below has been in my stash for a while.  Again, I used a bit of silver gilders paste to add some age and dimension to the piece.  The word was in a bright blue that did not go with my color palate so this addition really helped it to fit in.

In order to get the words to show up on the word band above, white gilders paste was used .  

I hope you found a bit of  inspiration in my shadowbox book!  It was really fun to do assemblage work again, as this really is my absolute favorite way to go when it comes to art. 




  1. I love how this came out. Simply beautiful.

  2. This is wonderful Rhea!! Love it!

  3. So many treasures for the eye to cover!

  4. So cool! Can't imagine the amount of patience it takes to create something like this. Must be unbelievable awesome in person!

  5. WOW incredible amount of work.

  6. Awesome! All of your details mesh so perfectly!

  7. Fantastic! I love all of the little items and details.

  8. Oh it's dreamy Rhea, I love it! One of the nicest assemblage boxes I've seen.

  9. What a lovely piece. I love everything about it. Thanks for sharing. Karen.x


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