Friday, June 28, 2013

French Country Star Garland

As soon as I saw the challenge for the design team to create some Fourth of July decor, I knew I had to make a star garland.  I adore they symbol of the star, as my online alias shows.  

The star shapes were cut out from the French Country Patterns and Solids.  I used a template I made myself when I could not find a steel rule die at my local craft store.  My thriftiness not only saved me some money, but helped to create some interest by having some irregularity in my stars.

Eyelets were added in appropriate corners and I then simply strung my stars on the twine. I have a huge stash of vintage eyelets.  I often find big jars of eyelets at estate sales, and I cannot resist when they are fifty cents.

In order to make the metal embellishments stand out, I added another layer of paper behind them.  Edges were also inked along the way to add a bit of dimension.  The metal stars were found recently at a store closing.  While I hate to see places going out of business, I do love to get good deals.

This is where I hang my different banners.  An easy and super affordable way to seasonally dress a room.

I hope you found at least a little bit of inspiration in this project!




  1. love your folk art style feel for this garland.

  2. Hey Rhea...
    I love this's just my style...simple, yet very strong visually. It sure is a great way to bring a patriotic touch into your home. Great job!

  3. Your garland is lovely..I love french country. Beautiful Rhea. always amazing.
    susan s

  4. Love this holiday decoration...and you are queen of the bargain hunters. I'm totally envious of those metal stars. Have a Happy 4th!

  5. They're really nice Rhea. Have a great 4th. x


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