Friday, February 13, 2015

Small Steampunk Canvas

For our introduction on the Canvas Corp design team, they asked us to create a tiny 4x4 canvas that represented us.  Of course, I knew I would go with an industrial themed piece.  

I tried to incorporate some of my favorite products while making this fun steampunk niche.  The back of the canvas was used so that I would have a small space to tuck things inside.  I used this project to utilize some completed elements that had not been used like the resin encased tin type and resin filled bezel.

Paper tape from 7 Gypsies was added behind these ladies to add some interest to this background. I also used a lot of gears from 7 Gypsies as well.

The layers of metal embellishments were built up with matte medium.  Lots of copper mica flakes were tucked in as I built up the canvas as well.  This adds a lot of glimmer and glitz.  There are so many little bits tucked inside! To keep the element of movement present in this piece I attached a bird charm that has the ability to swing on the tiny pin.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a project that hopefully represents me as a designer.  Thank you as always for your readership!




  1. AMAZING canvas. Wow !!! Lots of funny exciting embellishments to study. Love the result. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Hugs from Monica.. Spain

  2. This is stunning Rhea. Beautiful canvas.


All the comments and feedback you leave affirms my creative spirit on a very deep level. I am grateful for your time and readership!